XGODY KID iwawa APP Manual, Video Instructions | An APP specially developed for children aged 3-10 years old.


Electronic version of the user manual-German, English and Espano three languages
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Deutsch …………13~26



iWawa Home is determined to strengthen security, content and management and behavioral restric  tions,focus on establishing secure environment for children to and remove hazards,which makes children comfortable and makes parents reassuring.



Unlock the Power of Learning with XGODY 【iwawa】 APP Manual

Innovative Learning for Young Minds

Empower your child's education journey with the XGODY 【iwawa】 APP Manual. Designed for children aged 3-10 years old, this cutting-edge application opens a gateway to interactive and engaging learning experiences. Dive into three distinct sections below to discover how this app transforms education into an adventure.

Interactive Education at Your Fingertips

Engage, Explore, Excel

With the XGODY 【iwawa】 APP Manual, education becomes an immersive adventure. From captivating videos to interactive lessons, this app offers a diverse range of educational content tailored to your child's age and interests. Dive into a world where learning knows no bounds and watch as your child's curiosity ignites.

Parental Peace of Mind

Safe, Secure, Supervised

As a parent, ensuring your child's safety online is paramount. With the XGODY 【iwawa】 APP Manual, you can rest easy knowing that your child's digital journey is in safe hands. This app provides a secure environment where children can explore, learn, and grow without exposure to inappropriate content. Gain peace of mind while your child discovers the wonders of education in a protected space.

Unleash Your Child's Potential

Inspire, Innovate, Imagine

Unlock the full potential of your child's learning with the XGODY 【iwawa】 APP Manual. This innovative platform goes beyond traditional education, sparking creativity and fostering a love for learning. With a vast array of resources at their fingertips, your child can explore endless possibilities and embark on a journey of discovery like never before.