Truck Times News by XGODY: Train collides with semi-truck in August 4

The latest and the Diverse Truck Times News by XGODY: Train collides with semi-truck in August 4 - XGODY

Brothers, be careful when passing the railway! XGODY wishes every motorist a safe return to their families

Yesterday, August 4, 2022, a semi-truck collided with an iron train from Washington, D.C., USA;
It is understood that only the driver was taken to hospital with an unknown condition. Fortunately, the 142 passengers and crew on board the train survived.

The specifics were in Rockville, Maryland, at 5 p.m. that day. The truck that was "obstructing the track" at the time had a minor collision with a train en route to Chicago and did not cause undue damage to the train. However, the cargo at the rear of the semi-truck (suspected to be wood, and it had just rained locally) was all dumped on the side of the road.

According to the relevant reporter's understanding, when the train passed, the traffic backup caused the truck and its trailer to get stuck on the rails. The train hit the trailer, which was pushed onto a passenger car. The bus was pushed into a nearby building again. The adult male driver of the bus was taken to the hospital with no life-threatening injuries.

This is the latest in a series of incidents at Amtrak in the US this year, which has seen three similar incidents this year.

The second was in June, when an Amtrak train struck a dump truck in Menden, Missouri, killing four people and injuring 150.

The third, also in June, saw a train crash into a car in Brentwood, California, killing three people and seriously injuring two others. There is no train crossing guard (fence) at this intersection. It is suspected that the music in the car turned on by the driver was too loud and the relevant warning sound was not heard.



Source: Independent News

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