XGODY Navigation Expert Explains Why You Should Choose Professional Navigation Equipment

The latest and the Diverse XGODY Navigation Expert Explains Why You Should Choose Professional Navigation Equipment - XGODY

For general occupations, Google Maps or Waze is one of the most commonly used navigation solutions today. But for special occupations and groups of people, such as truck drivers, converted RVs, campers, etc., this type of navigation software is flawed, because this type of free navigation does not tailor the route according to the weight and volume of the vehicle.

In fact, there are still truck drivers who rely on Google Maps for truck navigation, sometimes leading them and their 'tall & big boy' on roads that aren't suitable. It's all because Google Maps doesn't know that the road isn't suitable for trucks, and it doesn't know if your modified camper is the right height for this low bridge.


What does XGODY Navigation have?

Truck navigation expert XGODY, in addition to fully upgrading the map data package in 2022, will also regularly popularize some small knowledge on XGODY's official website news; and this article is to explain, a good truck navigation or special vehicle navigation should have what?

To give the answer directly: a GPS navigation solution that provides navigation in a truck should be able to take into account factors such as height, length, and weight. In this way, it can find suitable routes, avoid serious traffic accidents and avoid large vehicles stuck on the road.

Withese emphasized (one of the XGODY navigation R&D team members), based on all these factors, the requirements for navigation products for special occupations and models are slightly higher than those of general Google Maps or Waze, especially in the map data. For the integrity of map data, XGODY's team has fully upgraded the map database in the first half of 2022. The original data in Europe has jumped from 6G to 7.5GB, and the database in the Americas has also been expanded from 5G to 7GB, and finally optimized separately. A 5GB Australian map package, (the previous Australian map was included in the European region, and now it is independent)

And this map data update also includes a legislative element: XGODY GPS navigation will avoid taking you to certain truck-banned roads.

XGODY Navigation will keep pace with the times

Both Google Maps and Waze should only be used for standard navigation in passenger cars, with no plans to cover larger vehicles currently on radar. And XGODY navigation will continue to develop, leading to more suitable navigation for trucks.
The last point is that as trucks are also transitioning to electric motors, XGODY's navigation products will also incorporate a 'find a charging station' function and suggest a series of modern service systems such as quick stop when the battery is close to exhaustion.



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Regal Pike

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Jaison Luis Nunez-charriez

I need to update new map in my gps
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