XGODY 9.26" Review: Elevate Your Driving Experience with Carplay, Android Auto, and a Dash Cam!


Welcome to the comprehensive review of the XGODY 9.26" Smart Screen, where we explore how this innovative device can transform your driving experience. As a passionate tech enthusiast and automotive aficionado, I had the pleasure of testing out the XGODY 9.26" Smart Screen. In this detailed analysis, we'll delve deeper into the unboxing experience, installation process, performance evaluation, and final verdict of this cutting-edge product.


Unboxing Experience

Upon receiving the XGODY 9.26" Smart Screen, I was immediately impressed by the attention to detail in the packaging. The box exuded quality, featuring sturdy construction and ample foam padding to ensure the safety of the contents inside during transit. XGODY's commitment to a sleek and minimalist design was evident, with no obtrusive branding or oversized bezels on the display, contributing to a visually appealing unboxing experience. Alongside the main unit, the package included essential accessories such as the USBC power cable, a second webcam for optional rear-facing recording, a wire pry tool for installation, and a windshield mount for convenient placement in your vehicle.


Installation Process

Setting up the XGODY 9.26" Smart Screen was a straightforward process, thanks to the clear and concise instructions provided. The device's USBC power connectivity ensured compatibility with a wide range of vehicles, allowing for hassle-free installation. While the option to install an additional webcam for rear-facing recording was available, I opted to focus solely on the front-facing dash cam for testing purposes. The interchangeability of mounts allowed for easy transition from my previous setup to the XGODY unit, although some limitations regarding quick detachment from the mount were noted. Overall, the installation process was smooth and intuitive, reflecting XGODY's commitment to user-friendly design.


Performance Evaluation

Powering on the XGODY 9.26" Smart Screen revealed its impressive display quality, with vibrant colors and minimal bezels enhancing the overall visual experience. The responsive touch interface facilitated seamless navigation through Carplay and Android Auto features, providing a user-friendly interface for accessing essential functions while driving. Manual adjustments for brightness proved effective for day and night driving scenarios, although the absence of an auto-brightness sensor was noted. The built-in speaker delivered clear audio output, further enriching the multimedia experience for users. Additionally, the device's compatibility with multiple audio output options, including Bluetooth streaming and headphone jack connectivity, provided flexibility for users seeking optimal sound quality.


Dash Cam Functionality

One of the standout features of the XGODY 9.26" Smart Screen is its integrated dash cam, capable of recording at resolutions up to 2.5k. While the video playback quality may not match dedicated dash cam units, it remains sufficient for capturing important moments on the road. The adjustable lens allows for customization based on individual preferences, while the included 64GB micro SD card provides ample storage capacity for recording extended footage. However, reliance on FM transmission for audio output may pose limitations for users seeking optimal sound quality. Despite this drawback, the dash cam functionality adds an additional layer of safety and security to the driving experience, making it a valuable feature for users.



In conclusion, the XGODY 9.26" Smart Screen offers a compelling value proposition for drivers seeking to enhance their driving experience with cutting-edge technology. Despite minor drawbacks such as limited mounting options and FM audio transmission limitations, the device's seamless integration of Carplay, Android Auto, and a built-in dash cam makes it a worthy investment. As a tech enthusiast and automotive aficionado, I wholeheartedly recommend the XGODY 9.26" Smart Screen to anyone looking to elevate their driving experience. With its user-friendly design, impressive performance, and innovative features, the XGODY 9.26" Smart Screen is sure to enhance your journey on the road ahead.


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People Also Care About for carplay with XGODY dash cam:

1.Is the Lamtto 9.26" Smart Screen compatible with both Carplay and Android Auto?

Yes, the Lamtto 9.26" Smart Screen supports both Carplay and Android Auto, providing seamless integration with your smartphone's operating system for enhanced connectivity and functionality while driving.

2.What are the key features of the Lamtto 9.26" Smart Screen?

The key features of the Lamtto 9.26" Smart Screen include a widescreen display, support for Carplay and Android Auto, built-in dash cam functionality, responsive touch interface, multiple audio output options, and adjustable brightness settings for optimal viewing in various driving conditions.

3.Does the Lamtto 9.26" Smart Screen come with a warranty?

Yes, the Lamtto 9.26" Smart Screen typically comes with a warranty, providing peace of mind to consumers regarding product quality and reliability. It's advisable to check the specific warranty terms and conditions provided by the manufacturer or retailer at the time of purchase.

4.What are the installation options for the Lamtto 9.26" Smart Screen?

The Lamtto 9.26" Smart Screen offers flexible installation options, including windshield mounting and integration into your vehicle's dashboard. Additionally, the device supports various power connectivity options, such as USBC, to accommodate different vehicle configurations and user preferences.

5.Can the built-in dash cam of the Lamtto 9.26" Smart Screen record in high resolution?

Yes, the built-in dash cam of the Lamtto 9.26" Smart Screen is capable of recording in high resolutions, including 2.5k or 1080p, depending on the user's settings. This feature enables users to capture clear and detailed footage of their driving experiences for enhanced safety and security.

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