XGODY Sail 1 Smart Projector Review: Unleashing the Power of Android 11

Welcome back to our channel! Today, we're diving into the world of projectors with the brand-new XGODY Sail 1 Smart Projector. If you've seen our previous reviews, you know we're no strangers to XGODY's lineup, and this latest addition promises to elevate the experience even further. With a built-in Android TV stick featuring Android 11, this projector offers a truly authentic Android experience right out of the box. Let's dive into the unboxing and first impressions to see what this device brings to the table.


 Unboxing and Initial Impressions


The XGODY Sail 1 arrives in a well-designed box that highlights its key features, including native 1080p resolution, 4K emulation, Wi-Fi casting, Smart OS, and more. Despite some minor shipping wear and tear, the contents are intact and ready for inspection. Inside the box, you'll find the projector itself, along with essential accessories like the power cord, HDMI cable, and a remote control.


 Remote Control and Accessories


The remote control is a sleek, white device with dedicated buttons for popular apps like Google Play, Netflix, YouTube, and Prime Video. It also features a voice control option for Google Assistant, making navigation effortless. The inclusion of a Bluetooth remote ensures seamless operation, while the provided HDMI and power cords offer convenient connectivity options.


 The Projector: Design and Features


The XGODY Sail 1 projector boasts a modern design with a gray finish and a protective dust cap for added durability. It features intuitive controls, including a manual focus knob for fine-tuning the image. With built-in sensors and speakers, the projector offers a streamlined user experience. On the connectivity front, it includes HDMI, USB, AV, and headphone ports, along with Bluetooth support for audio devices.


 Setup and Performance


Setting up the XGODY Sail 1 is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly interface and straightforward setup process. Upon powering on the device, you're greeted with a bright and detailed image, even in well-lit environments. The projector's native 1080p resolution and 700 ANSI lumens deliver crisp visuals with vibrant colors and sharp contrasts.


 Android 11 Experience


The standout feature of the XGODY Sail 1 is its integrated Android TV stick running Android 11. This allows users to access a wide range of apps directly from the device, including streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube. With full access to the Google Play Store, users can download and install their favorite apps and games effortlessly.


 Keystone Correction and Image Quality


One of the projector's notable features is its 4D Keystone correction, which ensures a rectangular image regardless of the projector's positioning. This feature comes in handy when setting up the device in different environments or projecting onto uneven surfaces. Additionally, the projector's high contrast ratio of 15,000:1 ensures sharp, detailed images with deep blacks and bright whites.


 Versatility and Use Cases


The XGODY Sail 1 projector is a versatile device suitable for various applications, including home entertainment, gaming, and presentations. Whether you're hosting movie nights, gaming marathons, or business meetings, this projector delivers an immersive experience with its large-screen display and impressive image quality.


 Additional Usage Scenarios


Outdoor Movie Nights: Picture a warm summer evening in your backyard, where you invite friends over for an outdoor movie night under the stars. With the XGODY Sail 1 Smart Projector, you can turn your outdoor space into a makeshift theater, projecting movies onto a large screen or even onto the side of your house. Whether it's a classic film screening or a binge-watch of your favorite TV series, the projector's portability and high-definition imagery ensure that everyone enjoys a memorable movie night under the open sky.


Educational Workshops: Imagine hosting an educational workshop or training session in a conference room or classroom setting. The XGODY Sail 1 Smart Projector becomes an indispensable tool for displaying slideshows, videos, and interactive presentations to engage participants and enhance learning experiences. With its advanced features like 4D Keystone correction and Android 11 compatibility, you can effortlessly adjust the projection angle and access a wide range of educational resources, making workshops and training sessions informative and impactful.


DIY Home Theater Setup: For cinephiles and home entertainment enthusiasts, the XGODY Sail 1 Smart Projector offers the opportunity to create a personalized home theater setup. Whether you have a dedicated media room or a multipurpose living space, the projector's sleek design and versatile connectivity options allow you to customize your viewing experience. From streaming your favorite movies and TV shows to hosting private screenings of indie films or documentaries, the projector enables you to design the ultimate DIY home theater that caters to your cinematic preferences.




In conclusion, the XGODY Sail 1 Smart Projector offers a compelling blend of performance, features, and convenience at an affordable price point. With its native 1080p resolution, Android 11 integration, and versatile connectivity options, it's a worthy addition to any home theater setup or professional environment. If you're in the market for a reliable projector with advanced features, the XGODY Sail 1 is worth considering.



 Where to Buy


The XGODY Sail 1 Smart Projector is available for purchase on xgody.com.

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