XGODY Sail2 Native 1080p Projector With WiFi And Bluetooth, 200-inch Full HD Large Screen

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Home Cinema

Special Feature: 
Android 11.0 system, 18000 lumens, 200-inch Large Screen& 50% Zoom, 2.4G+5G Dual-band WiFi

connectivity Technology: 

Native 1080P(1920x1080), Supports 4K video

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Genuine Android 11.0 Smart Projector for Ultimate Home Entertainment


Elevate your entertainment with XGODY Sail2. Featuring Genuine Android 11.0, Bluetooth remote control, and native 1080P with 4K support, enjoy seamless control and stunning clarity for an immersive viewing experience.

About This Item

With a native 1080P resolution and support for 4K video playback, the Sail2 delivers jaw-dropping clarity and detail that will bring your favorite movies, shows, and games to life like never before. Say goodbye to blurry images and hello to a visual feast of crystal-clear, lifelike visuals.

Thanks to its dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, you can effortlessly stream your favorite content from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Enjoy seamless, lag-free streaming and connectivity, and immerse yourself in a world of endless entertainment possibilities.

The Sail2 also boasts an impressive 18,000 lumens, ensuring bright, vibrant images even in well-lit rooms. And with its 200-inch HD projection screen, you can enjoy a truly cinematic experience from the comfort of your own home.

Running on a genuine Android 11.0 system, the Sail2 supports online playback and online updates of over 8,000 apps, including popular streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, and Prime Video. With access to such a wide range of content, you'll never run out of things to watch or do.

The Sail2 also comes with a 360-degree remote control that eliminates blind spots, giving you complete control over your viewing experience. And with electronic focus and automatic keystone correction function, you can enjoy the hassle-free setup and perfect image alignment every time.

But that's not all – the Sail2 also features unique sound technology that delivers crisp, clear audio that complements the stunning visuals. Whether you're watching an action-packed movie or a serene nature documentary, you'll feel like you're right in the middle of the action.

So why wait? Elevate your home entertainment experience with the XGODY Sail2 Smart Projector. With its state-of-the-art features and unrivaled performance, it's the perfect addition to any home theater setup.

Product specification

Stunning Visuals: Native 1080P resolution and support for 4K video playback ensure crystal-clear, lifelike visuals.

Seamless Connectivity: Dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth 5.2 allow for effortless streaming from your smart devices.

Bright and Vibrant: With an impressive 18,000 lumens, enjoy bright and vibrant images even in well-lit rooms.

Immersive Viewing: A 200-inch HD projection screen offers a truly cinematic experience at home.

Endless Content: Genuine Android 11.0 system supports online playback and updates for over 8,000 apps, including YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, and Prime Video.

Total Control: A 360-degree remote control ensures no blind spots, and electronic focus and automatic keystone correction guarantee hassle-free setup.

Enhanced Sound: Unique sound technology delivers crisp, clear audio that complements the stunning visuals.






Android TV 11.0



Physical Resolution:

Native 1920 *1080P


18000 Lumens

Projection Technology:

LCD Projector

Contrast Ratio:


Throw Distance:

1.3 m-7 m

Projection Size:

45-200 inches

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Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Josh Pannell
This Projector + Apple TV + HomePod Mini

I've had this projector for almost a year now. I consistently use it with my Apple TV plugged into the HDMI port. For a while I just used the speaker on the projector, and that worked fine for small spaces; but when I wanted to use the projector in larger rooms, it was clear that I needed something more. Recently I upgraded to using two HomePod Mini paired to one another - sound goes out wirelessly through the AppleTV. This is excellent! I couldn't be happier with my set up. I'd buy it all again in a heartbeat.

Excellent,very good

sail 2 is an intelligent projector that is perfect for anyone who is looking for a portable and high-quality display. It is equipped with the advanced Android TV 11 system that delivers an outstanding performance, making it a perfect choice for all your entertainment needs.One of the most impressive features of sail 2 is its ability to support multi-screen display, which means you can easily mirror your smartphone or tablet screen on the projector for a more immersive viewing experience. Whether you are streaming your favorite TV show or playing games with friends, sail 2 ensures that you have the best display possible.The projector's portability makes it ideal for outdoor activities such as camping or backyard parties. It's easy to carry around and set up, so you can enjoy your favorite movies and shows no matter where you are. The image quality is superb, with vibrant colors and outstanding brightness, even in low-light conditions.sail 2 also comes with a built-in speaker system that delivers incredible audio quality, making your entertainment experience more immersive than ever before. The sound quality is clear and crisp, and it's powerful enough to fill a small to medium-sized room.Another noteworthy feature of sail 2 is its Type-C port, which makes it easy to connect to an external power source. While the projector doesn't come with an internal battery, this feature allows you to use it for extended periods without worrying about the battery life.Although the lack of an internal battery may be considered a drawback for some users, it's important to note that even projectors with built-in batteries can have limited battery life. With sail 2 , you can easily connect it to a power bank or any other Type-C enabled device, which is incredibly convenient, especially when you're on the go.In conclusion, despite the lack of an internal battery, sail 2 remains an excellent choice for anyone who values portability, high-quality display, and immersive audio. With its Android TV 11 system, multi-screen display, and easy-to-use features, this projector is a must-have for movie lovers, gamers, and anyone who enjoys entertainment on the go.

Very happy with sail 2

This is my first projector and I am very pleased with it. For movies, it does struggle in daylight, but works perfectly fine at dusk and later. With bright colors such as white, it honestly works perfectly fine in daylight.Sound - very good, clear sound, not bass heavy or muddy. Its not super loud though and it will depend on how the sound was made for what youre playing. I had no trouble listening in a small room and a larger open room. My preference is to wear headphones to block out ambient noise and I was able to pair mine successfully.No problems watching XGODY Store movies, YouTube and AppleTV. It was a little bugging signing into my accounts, it just needs time to fully sync. The only issue I have is that XGODY Store movies are mainly widescreen, so much of the potential screen area is lost. And the image sits within a frame, so on widescreen this is pretty noticeable at first. I imagine this issue would happen with any projector.Note that the projector is not adjustable, it just sits flat. There is a separate adjustable stand from XGODY . On this note, keystone works best on a flat surface, I tried using a tripod but I guess it wasnt even and I couldnt get keystone to adjust properly.Overall, Im glad I got this one. The price was just over $500 incl tax. I was debating getting the LG cinebeam for airplay, but airplay is not necessary for watching movies. The XGODY uses chromecast/google and this works perfectly fine, since Im able to log into everything from the projector. I was also able to cast the NFL app from my iPad, it popped up automatically when I had the XGODY and iPad app open.

XGODY Store Customer
Good but requires darkness or dim light conditions

I quite liked this and found it to be an easy setup. Autofocus is nice and works 80% of the time. It's really not very bright at all so only works in dark or near-dark lighting conditions. Bummer because otherwise it's a winner.

Mark Sloan
Very nice Product

Quick summary- this device provides high quality image in 1080p resolution with decent speakers and really works quite well. My friend has a Nebula Capsule Max, but I think my pictures look brighter and clearer :) The device looks premium and easy to carry around. I mainly use it to watch movies, and so far I'm very happy with it.However, there are some issues- it is not netflix certified. The customer service side suggested several ways to watch it, including Roku. I am able to sideload Netflix now, though it would be great to have the official Netflix support.- I'm thinking of buying a tripod to tilt the projection lower since my countertop for the projector is too high.Overall, it's still a great product for me. I'll update after using it for a few more days.