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Review Xgody-EM05 Massage gun, a muscle release artifact 0

l In general, if you want to experience the effects of the massage gun, but don't want to buy too expensive. -----Xgody's EM05 is a good choice.

l If you are a working person, you want to relax at work and promote blood circulation. ----------------------Xgody's EM05 is a good choice. Because its third speed is just right, the sound is quiet.

l If you are a moderate fitness enthusiast, the fifth and sixth speed is your final destination. EM05 effectively relieves soreness.---------Xgody's EM05 is a good choice

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Is XGODY T703 kids tablet the good choice? 0

Why you want a tablet?

What is the most concern when choosing a tablet?

What is your budget?

You may ask yourself the 3 questions before buying a tablet for your kids.

There are many kids tablets out there. big brands, no-names, floods in the market.

It is not easy to choose a suitable and good tablet.

But if you target your budget to $50-$100we do have a nice tablet, which is XGODY T703.

It comes with 5 colors, the protective case is attached to the tablet itself and can not take it off. The case is so solid and protect the tablet well, which is helpful since the tablets will probably drops many times when they are at the hands of the kids.

kids tablet

It is powered by Android 8.1.The system does not support update. The RAM is of 1GB.Which is enough for kids using, just make sure that if the app does not use ,better to turn it off, otherwise if you turn on too many apps at the same time, it will froze, because the small RAM can not support multiple tasking. The internal storage is 16GB, while the actual amount will be less than this data. Since there are some learning, game apps already re-installed to the tablet, they will take up some room.And it can take up to 32gd sd card.

xgody kids tablet


The battery capacity for XGODY T703 is of 3000mAh.It can use about 4-6 hours. If your kids pay with the tablet 2-3 hours a day, you only need to charge it the next day.So it totally enough power to use. And the charging time is 2 hours.

It has 2 modes,regular mode and kids mode.This can set by parents,when kids using it switch to kid mode.When not using it by entering the password and swtch to regular mode. This function protects your kids from inappropriate content.

xgody kids tablet

Multiple apps installed,Your kids can learn by this tablet without your help.Apart from learning apps, some gaming apps are installed to help your kids relaxed. If you worry that your kids will be indulged in games, there is a parental control function to let you monitor your kids and control the time they are using the tablet. This will certainly save your worry and energy to looking after your kids, so you can have more of your own time. Isn't that a thrill?

XGODY tablet


In a nutshell,if you are looking for a tablet that is under $100,you can consider xgody T703 kids tablet.

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XGODY YZ02 massage gun amazing tool 0

There are hundreds of massage guns in the market.If you’re going to invest a couple hundred dollars or more into a massage gun, we wanted to make sure it was made well and comfortable to use.

If you only want to spend less than $100 you should come and look into our massage gun YZ02.It is a little heavy in hand,the designis sleek,like many other massage guns,it is black.and it comes with 6 attachable massage heads.They are brilliant for different areas of the body.surprisingly, being its quietest too. 

The battery life is so amazing, It can last about 3 hours – meaning that it doesn't need to be plugged in all the time. So if you use it 30 minutes a day,you only need to charge it 1 week.The charging time is about 1.5 hours for a full charging.What’s more,This YZ02 massage gun is so quiet, even on its highest setting.

At over $46.99, it's definitely a competitive price. It is more lower than most of the massage guns in the market.

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Your pain killer:XGODY YZ01 massage gun 0

In the last couple years, massage guns have flooded the market

The massage guns target sore muscles with rapid-fire pulses, aiming to provide the benefits of massage therapy from the comfort of your home.

If you have never use it, try one. You will know how amazing it is.

Here we have an great massage gun model name is XGODY YZ01.It looks like it is a solid massage gun.In fact it is.It weights 1.54KG.It is a little heavy in hand.

Let’s see what we got from the box.

First,we have the well-fitted and nice case that can put the massage gun in when you are not using it.and we got 6 different massage head that allows you can massage the different part of your body.1 charger and a user manual and the massage gun itself.


This massage gun is excellent for massaging the whole body and ease your pain.

This is the picture that shows what part the massage heads can be used for.And it has 20 speeds mode. You can easily find the best speed that fts you the most.

Design like this, will make the massage gun does its work more accurately.Try one if you have neck pain/back pain or you are sports guy.


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XGODY X10 unlocked phone is on sale now 1

XGODY X10 is a middle-sized phone with 6.0 inch, which is powered by MT6737 core-core Processor. The smartphone is packed with 2 GB RAM and the internal storage is of 16 GB, can expand with SD card. There are 3 colors available now, Black Blue and green. The frame and back cover are plastic .For the 6 inch size, it feels very good in hand, not too big and not too small, just the right size.

xgody x10

The headphone jack is on top of the phone, charging is at the bottom. the SIM/micro SD card position is inside the phone, so you need to remove the battery then get the SIM/micro SD card in. XGODY X10 is incorporated with dual camera: both front and rear cameras are 5MP.The display is of 6 inches and is a full-screen design too.19:9 Ratio, and the resolution is 480*960 pixels.

xgody x10

The dimension of the XGODY X10 is 163.8 x 76.8 x 9.2 mm. It supports Dual SIM (Micro SIM).The smartphone is fueled with 2750 mAh, enough power to use for 1 day.

xgody x10

The price now for the XGODY X10 is starting from $76.9,you can choose to add the SD card, this will cost extra dollars.

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Is XGODY A70S phone a good choice for me? 0

The XGODY A70s is a big phone and beautiful in terms of design and build. 2020 is the year for big phones, many phones that come out this year, has at least 6.5 inch size. We can perhaps even appreciate the advantage size brings to video watching and gaming. And, of course, the bigger size lets the phone adds bigger battery capacity.


XGODY A70S comes with 5 beautiful colors, Black, blue, and 3 gradient colors, gradient blue, gradient purple, gradient red. The phone retains glass finish, but it’s actually made of plastic – which is absolutely fine by me, since this is a low budget phone, the plastic material is to reduce the building cost, but you will not notice the difference by just watching it unless you hold it in hand. And the size is 7.2inch as I mentioned above, which will makes the phone a little bit bulky. Still the phone is using water-dropped screen design. The headphone jack is on top of the phone, and charging jack is on the bottom, which is convenient.Dual cameras,front and rear cameras are both of 5mp.

xgody a70s phone

The XGODY A70s is powered by MTK6580 chipset. This supports the phone can use 3g network with dual sim,1 x Nano SIM card ,1 x Micro SD card. The phone has 1g of RAM, 4g of internal storage. The storage can be expand with SD card, support up to 64g SD card. The SD card is a must since the internal storage is so small.

xgody a70s phone


Battery capacity is 3000mAh and Detachable, battery is a bit more than XGODY’S old phones like mate 30,k20. For 1 day use this battery is enough.

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XGODY K30 3G phone,6.8 inch screen 0

We have come out with a new phone XGODY K30. Let’s introduce you K30. People love big phones these days, you will find they are popular in the market. So K30 is designed as a big phone with a 6.8inch size. XGPDY K30 has 3 colors, black, green, purple.

xgody K30 phone

The XGODY K30 has a big screen that is so amazing for watching TV. There are volume and power buttons on the left side. At the bottom, it has a Type-C USB port.xgody k30 phone

On up left corner there is the front camera, on the back you will see it seems has 4 cameras, but only one working, the 3 others are just for decorative design. Both the front and rear cameras are 5mp.

xgody k30 phone

 The XGODY K30 has a 3000mAh Capacity of battery, which should help you get the day through even watch a movie in the middle of the day. It comes with 1G RAM and 8G ROM, which is a small RAM and ROM. So the multiple tasks will not be this phone’s strength. We can not expand the RAM, but if you want to download some videos to K30 phone, the storage expanding is a must. This phone can add upmost the 64G SD card to it. So, no need to worry about the storage space!

xgody k30 phone

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XGODY X30 3g unlocked phone,is it your best choice? 0

If you’re in the market for a budget smartphone that costs under $100, the X30 3g unlocked phone should be at the top of your list. The most impressive thing about them is that they offer a big screen of 6.53 inches. Dimensions: 163.8*76.8*9.2mm (6.4 x 3.0 x 0.36inch), Weight: 213 g / 7.03 oz (  with Battery ).

It comes with 3 colors, black, blue, green, X patterns on the back cover, looks beautiful under the light, though it is plastic. X30 packs the MTK6580 chipset under the hood along with 2GB of RAM,16GB of ROM, And a micro SD card slot to let you expand the storage put a 64GB SD card is a piece of cake.

XGODY X30 also features a headphone jack, which is convenient for those people who still love to use wired headphones. There’s no wireless charging, only micro USB charging jack to charge. The battery is removable and has a capacity of 3000mAh and should get you through the day. 

This phone has dual cameras, front and rear, both of them are 5MP. Taking a picture is not this phone’s strength, this 5MP can just meet the entry-level use. The network supports WCDMA, GSM, GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz, WCDMA 850 / 1900 / 2100MHz.

The price for X30 starts from $77.9, you can choose if buy bundled with SD card.

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A90 pro unboxing 0

The A90 Pro comes with a normal-sized box that contains a lot. It comes with a tempered film protector and a transparent silicone case for extra protection.There are 3 colors for A90 pro,black,gradient purple,gradient blue,Which looks beautiful.On the back,you will see 4 cameras,actually,only 1 work,others are for decoration.The rear camera and front camera are both 2MP,it is a bit weak.But if you do not like to take pictures,it is not a big deal.The A90 Pro features a 6.52"HD screen with 540×1200 resolution.The A90 pro is big in hand.It is great watching videos on this phone.

The A90 Pro is powered by a 2750 mAh battery.The phone has 2g of ram,16g of rom,can insert SD card to expand the storage space.On xgody website,you can choose bundled with 16g,32g,64g SD card.Since the RAM is 2gb,which means that multi-tasks is not this phone’s strenth,2-3 apps running at the same time will be the limit.So if you do stop using any app,remember to exit first rather than transfer to another app directly.Luckily,the screen is responsive,as long as you do not run so many apps at the same time.

Now you can buy the phone on ebay,or on our website,price starts from $84.9.

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A95X R5 Android 10 TVBOX with Sweet-color 0

If you are more of a fashion guy looking for an Android TV BOX, you may want to look at this TV BOX A95X. It has beautiful Macarons colors with Mint Green and light pink.

There is an RGB LED light bar at the top of the box, which indicates the current status of the operation. A95X has also a Digital LED display on the front side. It has been equipped with well-known Rockchinp RK3318 SoC.  It comes with 4 variants,2g+16g,4g+32g,4g+64g,4g+128g.The system is android 10.0, youtube, Netflix are installed pre-handed.

This TV-Box includes Dual-Band Wi-Fi with internal antenna and Bluetooth 4.0 in all its variants. allows the output of up to 4K@60fps video resolutions. The A95X Android 10 TV BOX comes with a standard package. Including a remote control, an HDMI cable, a power supply, and a user manual.

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Looking for TVBOX?Have a look at the T95 0

Tired of the limited channels of your TV.

Why not get a TV BOX. If your budget is 30-50 dollars, T95 perhaps is your best choice.

Powered by latest android version android 10.0,this T95 TVBOX has 4 variants now,2g+16,4g+32g,4g+64g,4g+128g.The price starts from $27.9 on our website.


From the outlook, the T95 is so small like other TV BOX, the front sight is the Meteor shower-like pattern. There are  LED digital display showing the working stage on the device.  On one side is a two USB 2.0 port, OTG port, and micro SD card slot. On the rear panel are AV port, Ethernet port, and HDMI 2.0 port. 5V DC jack, the side panel has 2 USB 2.0 port and TF card port.


Once connect wifi, You can use it to watch real high-definition movies. Supports 2.4G/5G wifi. Netflix, KODI, youtube these frequently-used apps are installed pre-hand.

If these apps still can not fulfill your appetite, You can download applications from the Play Store as you do from your phone and perform a lot of operations. T95 Has a good smooth processor and runs very well with the 4G ram. The remote control is limited, but it can be used in two different ways: as a regular remote control or a wireless mouse


The setting up is easy, too.

Plugged into the TV HDMI and powered up. After a few seconds, the Home Screen appeared, and was easy to navigate, either with the supplied infra-red remote or with a USB keyboard.


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How to choose Massage gun? 0

From 2019, massage gun has been so popular.

How to know which massage gun is good for you?

We can decide from the 4 aspects to know how to choose it

1.Massage Gun Power

Speaking of massage gun power, we’re referring to two things: how fast the head tip and the massage gun amplitude or depth at which the head moves. These 2 things impacted how comfortable when using the massage gun.


 massage gun

2.Attachment Heads

Depending on who the users are, different attachment heads may be preferred for different applications. Standard attachments like the ball or bullet head are commonly included for most devices but unique attachment heads can provide a more complete experience. If you work out a lot, you may need more different attachment heads to massage your body accordingly.

massage gun


3.Noise Level

There will inevitably be noise generated by the motor units when using a massage gun. This is important to consider as some massage guns can be really noisy, especially when using in an enclosed room, or if using it on areas closer to the ears. So remember to pay attention to noise level when choosing a massage gun.

massage gun


That would be annoying if the massage gun's battery dying in the middle of a session. It is great when you want your device ready to go when you need it, even when you forget to charge it. Long battery life is good if for those who always forget to charge the massage gun and is also very convenient if you want to use it and can get it to go at once. Swappable batteries are really helpful so you can have a backup if one dies.

massage gun

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