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How to update XGODY navigation map 4

XGODY’s navigation has been around for 10 years, and we are now providing our users with free and convenient navigation map updates. With the upgrading of our business, the frequency of our map update will be faster and more convenient. We hope that every user will experience better products and services.
As of 2021, our exchange group has more than 3,000 members; among them are ordinary drivers, truck drivers, truck drivers, etc., I can exchange group welcome you to join.

You can follow our Facebook to learn the latest details. *Free Update Maps, and The map document is universal for all of XGODY GPS model.

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Leisure time for truck drivers

Leisure time for truck drivers 14

XGODY's navigation is equivalent to the Xiaomi Company in the automotive and truck industries. Its products have always maintained a consistent standard-super cost-effective, the "price butcher" in the navigation industry. For this reason, the xgody brand has also made friends with many truck drivers. The latest two navigation products also involve the participation of senior trucks. Thank them for their selfless dedication and of course, thank other friends who support xgody. (If you don’t support the tourists, please leave a message below, hee hee—but you will find that you can’t leave a message, haha~~ I locked the comment channel)

The first picture of this article is provided by our truck driver partner-@Bobby Owens. This is a very comfortable photo: evening, sunny, breeze, 4 ‘Optimus Prime’, a campfire, people warming up, or reading or chatting or drinking hot tea. . . . . .


This looks awesome, very comfortable, and a laid-back taste--seriously, I'm very jealous, I really like the smell of campfires. I believe that many people are still jealous. The following is the proof.

A little digression~~~

On the website of, friends who drive cement trucks/mud trucks often complain that the roads in the city are difficult to drive and the road conditions are very complicated, which can easily cause physical and mental fatigue. (They have high requirements for navigation, thank them for trusting xgody's navigation products)-and this article is written for them as well, for those who have been on the road of ‘life’. In xgody's view, the people who drive large vehicles are all supermen, because they are all heavy-duty and gentlemen (give a gesture). Especially the drivers who transport on the streets of the city, thank you for your mercy---every time I see a large vehicle while driving, I am afraid that they will not see my little existence - Thank you for your care and strength.


Back to the theme, our friend Bobby is a truck driver who drives long distances across provinces, but his camera skills are really good, like using a master's shooting technique (~~ It is definitely not the fact, it must be taken by XGODY's mobile phone, this feeling is very Awesome ~~~I know what are you thinking, but ~hee~ hee~ I locked the comment channel)

Insert a newsletter in the middle to make it clear: The subject of my article is very simple---leisure/happy/casual

And the picture below was taken by a Chinese friend of mine. Seriously, it looks like a Hong Kong food stall. I so love it, very much~ much~

This style of painting is like a late-night canteen. When I saw this picture, I felt hungry. I wanted to eat supper.

Does anyone have a similar feeling to me. When I see the first picture, I want a cup of hot tea or coffee, and when I see this picture, I want to have a late night snack.

Today, when I saw these two pictures, I couldn’t help but want to share them with you.



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The best mobile phone recommendation within $60 3

Do you know that you can buy a high-performance Android smartphone for $60?

And do you know which mobile phone is the best for $60?

What can he do with a $60 phone?

What is the difference between the best 60-dollar mobile phone and the ordinary 100-yuan mobile phone?

Can you tell how much your phone is worth?  Is it really worth a thousand?

I will answer the above questions for you.


First of all, let’s talk about our protagonists. But, the best $60 mobile phone is NOT just one, but a series.

This is the XGODY A7_ series, which are A70, A71, A72~~


The Android 8.1 of the A7_ series is an Android mobile operating system customized by XGODY. XGODY OS8.1 has more than 70 improvements to the native Android system (8.0). It was officially released on December 1, 2020. Users cover 15 countries and are highly sought after by mobile phone enthusiasts. , And the feedback from old users is also positive.

Although the system is based on Android 8.0, it is a high-end device in the same price category. Take the OPPOR9s in 2019 as an example, the mobile phone system is also Android 6.0, but the relative price is more than one thousand US dollars. And XGODY is independently updated and upgraded to XGODY Android 8.1. The system is faster and more energy-saving than the original 8.0. The most important thing is that the system is more suitable for XGODY electronic devices and can extend the service life of mobile phones and systems. .

XGODY’s mobile phones are mainly cost-effective, and we have not forgotten our original intention. We have been committed to developing hardware accessories and software systems, hoping to give consumers better, the better, and we hope that consumers can use the same money to buy the real products without spending wrongs. Don't waste money.

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The cheapest 6 & 5.5 inch smartphone in 0

XGODY has the cheapest 6-inch smartphone


 XGODY has the cheapest 5.5-inch smartphone

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Double Red = Valentine's Day + Chinese New Year 2

February is a month full of festive atmosphere, because this year’s Eastern New Year and Western Valentine’s Day both come together this month! XGODY official website is very happy to be a bridge for you to experience Chinese and Western culture

We have prepared a series of good gifts for you; for your loved ones, your family, and even yourself, choose a caring gift! Whether you want to get good intentions in the new year, or use it to represent your love, mobile phones, tablets, watches, earphones, and massage supplies will all be an enviable gift.

All purchased goods will be upgraded to the package and automatically upgraded to ‘fast shipping’

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A50 OpeN BoX 0

This is an A50 out-of-the-box review written by a fan who claims to be a slacker. Hope you all like it.

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Extraordinary ordinary people 0

Mark is a physical education teacher. He does not know musical instruments, music theory, or dance, but he has a dance club.

For 10 years, he insisted on teaching children singing and dancing every day after school.

Like a father, he educates them with singing and guides them with dance. (Although he does not sing very well and dances well, the biggest credit is his big phone)

He said to the children: "If you can sing such a beautiful voice, it means that God has given you a difference.

He said to the children: "You can dance so beautifully, it means that God has given you a difference.

You need to love your difference.

"Today is an important day, a big competition. The children were terrified, Mark told them, "Relax your body, open your mouth, just sing and jump out of yourself, and release nature."

In the end, when the pure and beautiful aboriginal folk songs sounded on the arena, and when the Elven and primitive aboriginal dance was cheering on the stage, the clear children's voice and the children's black sincere eyes won the applause of everyone in the arena.

At this moment, the hearts of the audience are also boiling with enthusiasm.

The comprehensive competition was a great success. On this day, Mark finally convinced the angels that they themselves were angels.





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2020 Christmas in XGODY

2020 Christmas in XGODY 8

Dear there

20% OFF for 2020 Christmas in XGODY The Last event of 2020

Celebrating the 2021 New Year

Come Here Copy

how to used??

Please use when paying: XGODY-XMAS

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Congratulations, You can get $20 cash back!

Congratulations, You can get $20 cash back! 3

Hello dear customer

Congratulations, you can get $20 cash back!
As long as your friend or colleague purchases more than $50 of goods on
We will pay you $20 through Paypal~
The only requirement: new customers need to note your email address when purchasing goods

If you want to know more details, please email to
Or leave a message on Facebook: @Xgodyofficial

You are welcome to leave a message on our XgodyFacebook and Instagram, and we thank you for your valuable comments.
Looking forward to your reply~
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Review Xgody-EM05 Massage gun, a muscle release artifact 2

l In general, if you want to experience the effects of the massage gun, but don't want to buy too expensive. -----Xgody's EM05 is a good choice.

l If you are a working person, you want to relax at work and promote blood circulation. ----------------------Xgody's EM05 is a good choice. Because its third speed is just right, the sound is quiet.

l If you are a moderate fitness enthusiast, the fifth and sixth speed is your final destination. EM05 effectively relieves soreness.---------Xgody's EM05 is a good choice

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Is XGODY T703 kids tablet the good choice? 1

Why you want a tablet?

What is the most concern when choosing a tablet?

What is your budget?

You may ask yourself the 3 questions before buying a tablet for your kids.

There are many kids tablets out there. big brands, no-names, floods in the market.

It is not easy to choose a suitable and good tablet.

But if you target your budget to $50-$100we do have a nice tablet, which is XGODY T703.

It comes with 5 colors, the protective case is attached to the tablet itself and can not take it off. The case is so solid and protect the tablet well, which is helpful since the tablets will probably drops many times when they are at the hands of the kids.

kids tablet

It is powered by Android 8.1.The system does not support update. The RAM is of 1GB.Which is enough for kids using, just make sure that if the app does not use ,better to turn it off, otherwise if you turn on too many apps at the same time, it will froze, because the small RAM can not support multiple tasking. The internal storage is 16GB, while the actual amount will be less than this data. Since there are some learning, game apps already re-installed to the tablet, they will take up some room.And it can take up to 32gd sd card.

xgody kids tablet


The battery capacity for XGODY T703 is of 3000mAh.It can use about 4-6 hours. If your kids pay with the tablet 2-3 hours a day, you only need to charge it the next day.So it totally enough power to use. And the charging time is 2 hours.

It has 2 modes,regular mode and kids mode.This can set by parents,when kids using it switch to kid mode.When not using it by entering the password and swtch to regular mode. This function protects your kids from inappropriate content.

xgody kids tablet

Multiple apps installed,Your kids can learn by this tablet without your help.Apart from learning apps, some gaming apps are installed to help your kids relaxed. If you worry that your kids will be indulged in games, there is a parental control function to let you monitor your kids and control the time they are using the tablet. This will certainly save your worry and energy to looking after your kids, so you can have more of your own time. Isn't that a thrill?

XGODY tablet


In a nutshell,if you are looking for a tablet that is under $100,you can consider xgody T703 kids tablet.

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XGODY YZ02 massage gun amazing tool 6

There are hundreds of massage guns in the market.If you’re going to invest a couple hundred dollars or more into a massage gun, we wanted to make sure it was made well and comfortable to use.

If you only want to spend less than $100 you should come and look into our massage gun YZ02.It is a little heavy in hand,the designis sleek,like many other massage guns,it is black.and it comes with 6 attachable massage heads.They are brilliant for different areas of the body.surprisingly, being its quietest too. 

The battery life is so amazing, It can last about 3 hours – meaning that it doesn't need to be plugged in all the time. So if you use it 30 minutes a day,you only need to charge it 1 week.The charging time is about 1.5 hours for a full charging.What’s more,This YZ02 massage gun is so quiet, even on its highest setting.

At over $46.99, it's definitely a competitive price. It is more lower than most of the massage guns in the market.

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