XGODY P60 Review: The Versatile Android Tablet PC


XGODY has solidified its position in the tech market by consistently delivering affordable yet feature-rich devices. Their latest offering, the XGODY P60, continues this trend with a 10-inch HD display and dual SIM card support, making it a versatile choice for users seeking functionality beyond a traditional tablet. In this comprehensive review, we'll delve deeper into the XGODY P60's unboxing experience, design and build quality, display and camera performance, overall hardware specifications, productivity features, battery life, connectivity options, and its value proposition in the competitive tablet market.


Unboxing and Initial Impressions

Upon unboxing the XGODY P60, users are greeted with a standard yet satisfactory array of accessories. While the packaging may not be extravagant, it includes all the essentials for a seamless setup. The inclusion of a stylus, headphones, USB cables, and a protective case ensures that users can immediately start utilizing the tablet without the need for additional accessories. However, the standout addition is the Bluetooth keyboard, which transforms the tablet into a versatile productivity tool, enhancing its value proposition.


Design and Build Quality

The XGODY P60 boasts a sleek design characterized by a gold brushed aluminum finish. While visually appealing, the tablet's build quality may raise some concerns, as it feels somewhat flimsy in hand. This compromise in materials is understandable given the device's affordability, but it's worth noting for users prioritizing durability. Nevertheless, the tablet's overall aesthetic exudes a premium vibe, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers.


Display and Camera Performance

The tablet's 10-inch display offers a satisfying visual experience with its 1920x1200 resolution. However, the presence of noticeable bezels around the screen may detract from its modern appeal. Despite this drawback, the display delivers vibrant colors and sharp images, making it suitable for multimedia consumption and casual gaming. On the other hand, the camera performance leaves much to be desired, with the 8-megapixel rear camera producing subpar images and videos. While this may not be a deal-breaker for most users, it's an area where XGODY could improve in future iterations.


Hardware Specifications and Performance

Under the hood, the XGODY P60 is powered by 4GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage, and an octa-core 1.8GHz CPU running on Android 11.0. This configuration ensures smooth multitasking and snappy performance across various applications. Whether it's browsing the web, streaming videos, or playing games, the tablet handles everyday tasks with ease. Additionally, the inclusion of Android 11.0 provides users with access to the latest features and security updates, enhancing the overall user experience.


Productivity and Battery Life

One of the highlights of the XGODY P60 is its productivity-enhancing features, particularly the Bluetooth keyboard included in the package. While the keyboard's compact size may take some getting used to, it enables users to engage in word processing, email correspondence, and other productivity tasks with relative ease. Furthermore, the tablet's impressive 8000mAh battery ensures extended usage sessions, offering up to eight hours of continuous video playback. This longevity makes it an ideal companion for long flights, road trips, or workdays on the go.


Connectivity and Versatility

The XGODY P60 stands out for its dual SIM card support, allowing users to stay connected via 4G, 3G, or 2G networks. This versatility enables the tablet to function as a standalone communication device, eliminating the need for constant Wi-Fi connectivity. Whether it's making calls, sending texts, or browsing the internet, the XGODY P60 ensures seamless connectivity in various scenarios. Additionally, the presence of Wi-Fi connectivity serves as a fallback option, providing users with flexibility in their connectivity preferences.



In conclusion, the XGODY P60 emerges as a compelling option for budget-conscious consumers seeking a versatile Android tablet. While it may not excel in every aspect, its combination of affordability, functionality, and performance makes it a practical choice for various use cases. Whether it's entertainment, productivity, or communication, the XGODY P60 offers a well-rounded experience that caters to the diverse needs of modern users. With its dual SIM card support, expansive display, and robust battery life, the XGODY P60 proves to be a valuable addition to the tablet market, providing users with an affordable yet feature-rich alternative.


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FAQ & PAA: XGODY P60 Android Tablet

1.Is the XGODY P60 suitable for gaming?

- Answer: Yes, the XGODY P60 is suitable for casual gaming thanks to its capable hardware specifications, including a 1.8GHz octa-core CPU and 4GB of RAM. While it may not handle high-end gaming with intensive graphics, it performs well for popular mobile games available on the Google Play Store.

2.How long does the battery of the XGODY P60 last?

- Answer: The XGODY P60 features an impressive 8000mAh battery, providing up to eight hours of continuous video playback. This endurance makes it suitable for extended usage sessions, whether it's for entertainment, productivity, or communication purposes.

3.Can the XGODY P60 be used for productivity tasks?

- Answer: Yes, the XGODY P60 can be used for productivity tasks with the inclusion of a Bluetooth keyboard in the package. While the compact keys may take some getting used to, the tablet enables users to engage in word processing, email correspondence, and other productivity tasks effectively.

4.What network connectivity options does the XGODY P60 offer?

- Answer: The XGODY P60 supports dual SIM card functionality, allowing users to stay connected via 4G, 3G, or 2G networks. Additionally, the tablet features Wi-Fi connectivity as a fallback option, providing flexibility in connectivity preferences for users.

5.How does the camera performance of the XGODY P60 compare to other tablets?

- Answer: The XGODY P60's camera performance is modest, with an 8-megapixel rear camera producing average-quality images and videos. While it may not rival the camera capabilities of high-end tablets, the XGODY P60's primary focus is on providing affordability and functionality rather than premium camera features.

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