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So aktualisieren Sie die XGODY-Navigationskarte

So aktualisieren Sie die XGODY-Navigationskarte

Sehr geehrter Kunde,

XGODYs Navigation gibt es seit 10 Jahren und wir bieten unseren Nutzern jetzt kostenlose und bequeme Navigationskarten-Updates. Mit der Aufrüstung unseres Geschäfts wird die Häufigkeit unserer Kartenaktualisierungen schneller und bequemer. Wir hoffen, dass jeder Benutzer bessere Produkte und Dienstleistungen erleben wird.
Stand 2021 hat unsere Austauschgruppe mehr als 3.000 Mitglieder; unter ihnen sind normale Fahrer, LKW-Fahrer, LKW-Fahrer usw

Sie können unserem Facebook folgen, um die neuesten Details zu erfahren. *Kostenlose Kartenaktualisierungen und das Kartendokument ist universell für alle XGODY GPS-Modelle.


XGODY Navigation - Karten-Update und Treiberdiskussion

Klicken Sie hier:



XGODY-Navigation: @XGODYcarstereo

Wir haben auch einige Videos für Karten-Updates auf unserem Facebook. Wir stellen alle sechs Monate oder jährlich das neueste Karten-Update-Paket und aktualisierte Tutorials zur Verfügung, damit Sie unsere Produkte einfacher verwenden können.

Hier ist der XGODY FAQ-Link~

Danke für deine Unterstützung, danke!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen.

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  • XGODY xss
Kommentare 29
  • Hugh Milsom
    Hugh Milsom

    560 8GB/128MB Replaced software with 2021.10-EU. Set config to NAVI.EXE but still Navigation doesn’t work: “Warning – failed to start etc” Try again = “Error: Out of memory”

    Losing the will to Iive … any ideas? Thanks! H

  • Tomas

    Hola!Quisiera actualizar mi GPS 886,ya que los mapas que tiene son del año 2017.No dispongo de Facebook y no pienso abrir un perfil para descargar la actualizacion de mapas.que solucion me dan?Gracias

  • morris shar
    morris shar

    I am returning this gps. This is the worse service ever. why do I have to go trough all this ? 0 star for from me

  • G6JPG

    Why not post the map update URL here? I do not have (notr want) anything to do with Facebook, and was not told I needed to when I bought it.

  • mohd noordin
    mohd noordin

    how to download malaysia and thailand map

  • Antonio Tavares Garrido
    Antonio Tavares Garrido

    Bom dia: Venho de adquirir um XGODY J727 ele vei com o mapa europeu instalado e como je reside na America do Sul gostaria de instalar o mapa da região. Como posso fazer?

  • John Shannon
    John Shannon

    How do I update my XGODY MAPS

  • laszlo vas
    laszlo vas

    I just used for 2years and go dead. So do not buy this xgody gps.Not wort 1penni.

  • Francis

    Necesito el enlace para dercargar mapas para XGODY 718. Gracias

  • Deion Coston
    Deion Coston

    So if I don’t have a face book account there is no possible way to get the link to update my maps…. I don’t want to. Join Facebook but I’m being forced to smh explanation please????

  • Pascal

    map update for xgody 720 please

  • Mrs Denise Hirst
    Mrs Denise Hirst

    still desperatley waiting for the download LINK to UPDATE my XGODY 560..Any help would be grateful

  • Anthony Carter
    Anthony Carter

    Yes I need to download the new maps for my navigation system I have a model J727

  • Anthony Carter
    Anthony Carter

    Yes I need to download the new maps for my navigation system I have a model J727

  • Randolph Maunder
    Randolph Maunder

    My xgody 7" will run everything…..except the Navigation! So I can play music, games, watch videos, but not Navigate! It still has the satellites operating, but the program will not open…..really agravating!!

  • alain dubois
    alain dubois

    Why is it that finding the update or latest os XGODY X4 so COMPICATED. I’m thinking about going back to GARMIN. CAN’T FIND ANYTHING about this product. Anoying. Please help soemone

  • Anthony Deakin
    Anthony Deakin

    Just bought an Xgody, came without any maps, now I have to join facebook and then join xgody to get maps and now I’m waiting to be accepted into the group, I mean, seriously, how ridiculous is this, I wish I hadn’t bothered.

  • Dave  Robbie
    Dave Robbie

    The link to update the maps

  • Max Bosshard
    Max Bosshard

    It would be nice if you could send me the link for the latest maps update for my GCODY 715BT. Many Thanks.
    Kind regards, Max

  • Robert Webb
    Robert Webb

    XGODY 886F Car Truck 7’’ GPS FM Navigator

  • Rudi

    How can i update without joining group in facebook…Why not provide a link in your website where anybody can download updates for their map?

  • Daniel Haseney
    Daniel Haseney

    brauche neue karte für mein xgody gps 886

  • Leo

    If you don’t have a Facebook customer, please contact customer service directly

  • 11

  • simon thomas borman
    simon thomas borman

    how do i update without face book?

  • Russell

    Your support has horrible service, they told me to DELETE the files for new map, but the new map doesn’t fit, now my units no good and they me to go to OTHERS TO GET IT FIXED. I WAS recommending you product, good product but USLESS SUPPORT, DONT BUY UNLESS YOU WANT TO REPLACE EVERY TIME YOU NEED A NEW MAP.

  • Miguel Ángel González
    Miguel Ángel González

    Buenos días: recientemente he adquirido su navegador xgody gps satellite navigation modelo 723; le faltan muchas calles, carreteras y poblaciones de España. Es posible actualizar sus mapas? Desde donde debería hacerlo? Gracias.

  • Wayne Hall
    Wayne Hall

    need nav and update maps for xgody x4

  • mark

    were do i download new map for my xgody gps model x4. i bought this years ago, and i have not updated it. there has been time it would not find new places or streets. or even towns. and is there a firmware up date for it? im sure it could use some updates. rom ver is: v.912s.821111.170605.8g app ver: v1. ram 256m
    thank you for your time. have a blessed day.

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