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General Settings Sat Nav Map General Settings | Video Manual & Usage Guide

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 Q:How to reset your Xgody GPS signal | Truck & Car SAT Nav | XGODY GPS


A:Here's how to reset the navigation:


Q:2023 How To Update Maps ? | Truck & Car SAT Nav | XGODY GPS Esay Update

A:This is the detailed process of updating the map:


Q: How can I update map for free? how long can you support update?

 A: We support lifelong update of the map, and the map database is updated twice a year.
If you need to update the map, you can join our Facebook navigation GPS group, and you can get relevant information notification at the first time. You can also contact us and we will send you the latest map.
** When updating the map, delete the duplicate folders first, and replace the folders with new files; do not copy and paste directly into the navigation. Delete duplicate folders first.

The better way: You follow our Facebook group to get the new maps link, XGODY-Navigation: @XGODYcarstereo
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Download Update Sat Nav Map For Free & New In 

# There are many like-minded drivers in the XGODY Facebook navigation GPS group, and there will also be free gifts. Joining in can bring many unexpected surprises. 


Q: Why does nothing happen when I click the navigation icon and I can't enter the map?
File data path settings

A: Before using the GPS, please set the Navi Path: Settings-- NaviConfig-- Resident Flash-- US (or EU/AU), set step by step, until it shows "EXE".

If you still fail to set, please feel free to contact us!


Q: Can I change to truck/car/Motorhome/Motorcycle mode? Including Height limit, weight limit,Low Bridge.

A: If you want the set the truck information, please do as follow:

  1. please enter the navigation program, and then you will see a Navigation Menu, press "Setting", you will enter the setting menu

  2. clink "route setting"-find "Vehicle" option, and choose "truck" insert truck information (height, weight etc.) set the "max speed "at same time

  3. finally, pls tick "confirm parameter for each route planning "

#. Please charging (power on) the machine and modify the format;



How is 'Lazy Installation Package' different from normal offline map update?

First of all, we at XGODY recommend using the normal update, because there are fewer files to download and the map can be updated quickly.

Second, 'Lazy Installation Package' is used when the map cannot be updated normally, or the navigation map file is damaged. This installation package can solve more than 90% of offline navigation problems. 

For detailed tutorials, please join the Facebook navigation group:


Q: Can I use post code to search? How to use Postcode search?

A: The GPS supports post code, street, or coordinate to search.

Here is Instruction: 

Go to Navigation – Find – Find Address – Select City – enter the postcode (important to include space)

e.g. Navigation—Find—Find Address—Select United Kingdom--(there is gray pane):Such as (OL12 9SG), click OL12 “Space” 9SG.

Normally it supports to search an address with full post code or partial post code.


Q: What units can it support, can I change to Miles or Km?

A: It supports Kilometers/meters, Miles/feet, Miles/yards.

Here is Installation: After you enter the map (Navigation), Setting (tool icon)--Regional-- Units and Formats, there is different mode (Kilometers/meters, Miles/feet, Miles/yards).  please choose the one you want.

#. Please charging (power on) the machine and modify the format;



Q: What something should I do if first time to use?

A: Please use it outdoors. Please finish receiving GPS info from the "GPS Viewer", until show 3 Green bars channel at least. Usually 5-30 mins etc finished. Then please read user manual carefully before using, if any setting issue, welcome send us Email inquiry.


Q: What should I do if the machine is stuck?

A: If the screen is stuck, please press and hold the "Reset" button on the back of the navigation.


Q: What should I do if the device cannot be turned on and there is no response?

A: It is recommended to use the car charger to fully charge the navigation and then reset it. (Do not use a USB cable)

The "Reset" button is on the back of the navigation.

If it still doesn't work, please contact us again


Q: After insert my address, it always looking for signal?
Q: Why is the GPS signal inaccurate or no signal found?

A: About the GPS signal, it may affect by weather or some other aspects. you need to take the GPS outdoor and test it in the opening area.

Meanwhile, on the GPS main menu, there is an icon called "Tools" or "GPS", please press it and press "GPS viewer" or "GPS info", from there you can reset the GPS receiver. please try what I said above, ok? the GPS should can work well.

Here are two suggestions:

1, Please don't block the back of the device, the signal receiver is on the back of the device.

2, Please fully charge the device, when the device is in low battery, it can't receive the signal, so when you use it, please charge it continually.

 #. Please power on (charge) the machine and modify the format;


1. Are there many iron products on the GPS back? Please move them away, otherwise it will interfere with the signal;
2. When searching for stars, please make sure the navigation is outdoors or close to the car glass


Q: Can I set Speed Camera or Driving Time and Real Time Speed?

It can support speed camera and driving time.

1. As for the speed cam, you can set it as below: press "Navigation '----"setting (tool icon)-"---"sound and warning" ---"Alert point Setting " and then you can turn on it and you can set it.

2. About the actual speed to display, please kindly set it in this way: Please press: navigation—setting (tool icon)-- -visual guidance setting--date fields--choose "fields with route"-- slide down to choose "Speed" .

3.Settings-Visual Guidance Settings-Data Fields-Choose the 3 data fields you want from the right (Click here)

#. Please power on (charge) the machine and modify the format;

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How do I set speed limits?

The speed limits: Main menu--Navigation--Settings (tools icon)--Sound and Warnings--Speed Warning Settings;
Warn when my speed is 100% of limit. It is recommended to set it to 100%.
 #. Please charging (power on) the machine and modify the format;

Q How to do the time setting?

For example ,if you from USA , it is GMT -5 , so please set the device as GMT -5 .

- you can do as below : press the "Date/Time " icon and then set it to the GMT-5 .

- And then press the "navigation "---"setting "---"Regional" ,and then please set the time zone to "GMT -05:00" and then the time will be correct.

#. Please charging (power on) the machine and modify the format;



Q: How can I connect with phone?

The Bluetooth function can only support phone call, not support connect with earphone.

As to the Bluetooth connection, you can try this way:

1. turn on your navigation

2. you can see "Bluetooth" icon, open it

3. on the new screen, clink "search" icon (pls open your phone Bluetooth at same time)

4. clink the "green recycle " icon, it will start searching,

5.if the GPS find your phone, or your phone can find the GPS (Bluetooth named navigation start),pls clink the second icon in the screen " a Bluetooth with tick " on GPS , then your phone will get a request message" need you insert match, insert 0000 or 1234 ,then it will connected with each other. 

Video: (

#. Please charging (power on) the machine and modify the format;


Q: I have turned on all my volumes, but still no sound?
Q: Why is the navigation sound low or no sound?

Please check if you have ticked the “FM” function on the desktop, please do not tick it, then the sound can work. 

#. Please power on (charge) the machine and modify the format;


Q: Why the navigation could not load, the map path is blank?
Q: How to move the map to SD and reconfirm the path?

First, there is a small hole on the back of the device, please try to use a pin to poke it and it will restart.

Second: Please do as below: setting -"Navi Config" -clink three points(...) -Resident Flash (double click)—EU+AU/US/other (double click)—Primo .exe (double click)—OK.

Similarly, if you put the map on the DS or TF card, you also need to do the same action

 ( Please power on (charge) the machine and modify the format;


Q: Can you support worldwide map?

We support the world map, but the navigation memory space is limited, you need to buy a 32G or more memory card, and then download the map into it.

*You can choose to buy a memory card on the official website

* Enter the Facebook navigation group and click on the home page "File" to see the corresponding title


Q: How to set a favourite  address?  How to save a address?

Click: Navigation - Destination - Favorites - click 'Choose the address you need to rename' -  Click "i" in the upper right corner - 'More' - As you see

 As for saving the address ,please do as below:

press navigation --show map--click the map--more--add to favorites.



Q: How to set the system language and the Voice the item will speak in the map?

1.Settings - Language, then you can select the language in which you want to set the system language.

2.Navi - Tool logo - Settings - Sound and warnings - Voice Language, select the language you want

3.Navi - Tool logo - Regional - Program Language, select the language you want, click Done,then you can set the navigation language

#. Please power on (charge) the machine and modify the format;

here is the video for reference: (click here) or (


Q: How to install firmware? 

This needs to consult the website staff, they will send you the relevant information & software.  ASK me, please~


Q: How to change the settings to night mode?

Setting the GPS to the Night Mode ,you can set as below :

please press "Navigation "----"Tool icon (screwdriver) "---‘Map Ssetting "---"Color Profiles "--"Night Mode " ,then you can turn the night mode on .


Q: The computer does not recognize the navigation?

Check out the following tutorials:

Check this option in the navigation as described in the 59-second video:



 Q: The map cannot be downloaded

1. Can not use mobile phone or tablet to download, only use computer to download
2. Try to change the browser to download
3. Check whether the memory is sufficient, you can contact us to buy an SD card, we can download the map for free in it, and then send it over


Q: XGODY GPS / Nav. User Manual

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