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How to update XGODY navigation map

How to  update XGODY navigation map

Dear Customer,

XGODY’s navigation has been around for 10 years, and we are now providing our users with free and convenient navigation map updates. With the upgrading of our business, the frequency of our map update will be faster and more convenient. We hope that every user will experience better products and services.
As of 2021, our exchange group has more than 3,000 members; among them are ordinary drivers, truck drivers, truck drivers, etc., I can exchange group welcome you to join.

You can follow our Facebook to learn the latest details. *Free Update Maps, and The map document is universal for all of XGODY GPS model.

XGODY-Navigation: @XGODYcarstereo

We also have some videos for maps update on our Facebook. We will provide the latest map update package and updated tutorials every six months or a year, so that you can use our products more easily.

Here is XGODY FAQ link~

Thank you for your support, thank you!

Best regards.

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Comments 2
  • Wayne Hall
    Wayne Hall

    need nav and update maps for xgody x4

  • mark

    were do i download new map for my xgody gps model x4. i bought this years ago, and i have not updated it. there has been time it would not find new places or streets. or even towns. and is there a firmware up date for it? im sure it could use some updates. rom ver is: v.912s.821111.170605.8g app ver: v1. ram 256m
    thank you for your time. have a blessed day.

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