A90 pro unboxing

The A90 Pro comes with a normal-sized box that contains a lot. It comes with a tempered film protector and a transparent silicone case for extra protection.There are 3 colors for A90 pro,black,gradient purple,gradient blue,Which looks beautiful.On the back,you will see 4 cameras,actually,only 1 work,others are for decoration.The rear camera and front camera are both 2MP,it is a bit weak.But if you do not like to take pictures,it is not a big deal.The A90 Pro features a 6.52"HD screen with 540×1200 resolution.The A90 pro is big in hand.It is great watching videos on this phone.

The A90 Pro is powered by a 2750 mAh battery.The phone has 2g of ram,16g of rom,can insert SD card to expand the storage space.On xgody website,you can choose bundled with 16g,32g,64g SD card.Since the RAM is 2gb,which means that multi-tasks is not this phone’s strenth,2-3 apps running at the same time will be the limit.So if you do stop using any app,remember to exit first rather than transfer to another app directly.Luckily,the screen is responsive,as long as you do not run so many apps at the same time.

Now you can buy the phone on ebay,or on our website,price starts from $84.9.

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