Cellphone FAQ

1. Can I use my SIM card in this phone?

All our phones are unlocked, and they can be used in many different countries which have been proved. But even it is unlocked, you need to make sure to choose the right SIM card network, as different carrier provide different networks and frequencies.

There is detail specification about SIM card network on ad, please check with your carrier before purchase. 

3G network Does Not support Verizon or Sprint Signal (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1liu8NeGDK8WuKr0RwTwXb8ynVnDzJwfb/view?usp=sharing)


2. Can I use YouTube, WhatsApp and Facebook on this phone?

All our phones support these apps, and Google play store is pre-installed on this phone, you can download other compatible app from Google store if you need.
Or you can ask by email, and we will give you the corresponding installation package or software.


3. Can I use 2 SIM cards and SD/TF card at the same time?

For the phone with a removable battery, it supports dual SIM cards and SD/TF card at the same time. But for the phone with a build-in battery, as SIM 2 and SD/TF card share the same slot, so you can use dual SIM card or use 1 SIM card and 1 SD/TF card at the same time.


4. Storage is 4G/ 8G/ 16G/ 32G in description, why it is less when I check?

The storage stated in description refers to a whole storage without installing any app. But normally, we will pre-install some common apps, which will cover some storage. Besides, system will also cover a larger storage.


5. What should I do when I can’t turn on my phone once receive?

If it is with a removable battery, please open the back cover (open it from the small gap)and tear away the insulating paper, then you should charge it at least 30 minutes and turn it on. (This is due to shipping need).

* If it is with a built-in battery, then just need to charge it more than 30 minutes, then it can be turn on, as it may be out of power for a long transition.

* If this phone still could't be turn on,please connect the USB port of the computer to charge the phone,then charge it for more then 30 minutes ,conform it could be turn on or not.


6. What should I do if this phone can’t be recognized in computer?

Setting - about phone - developer, then tick the USB debugging.

(Note: If you do not find “developer”, please check: setting - about phone - build number, click "build number" for 5 times. After that, you can get “developer” to set.)


7. What should I do if the storage isn’t enough to download more apps?

In this case, you can uninstall some useless apps first, then insert the SD/TF card, then change the default write disk to the SD card (steps: storage - SD). Besides, you can move most apps to the SD card except system apps.
Step: Settings --- Apps ---- click the App --- Move to SD Card



8. How to close unnecessary programs in the background?

Press menu> setting> Applications> Running applications, you can see all the running applications, turn off those you needn’t.
Please don't use it when charging, which will reduce battery life.


9. What should I do if it shows "no SIM card" after the SIM card is inserted?

First, please check if your SIM card frequency is matched with this item, you can call your carrier for help.

Then, please check if you insert the SIM card in a correct way.
Next, please check if your SIM card size is matched, for example, if it supports micro SIM card, but you insert a NANO SIM card, it will show no SIM card.


10. How to reset this phone?

Settings---Backup&reset---Factory data reset---RESET PHONE 



11. How to install firmware of this phone ?

This needs to consult the website staff, they will send you the relevant information & software



12. How to wipe all user data? Clear eMMC & Forced to boot

When I want to clear eMMC of this phone,please turn off the phone press the "Power" buttton and “Volume Down” button at the same time for 5~8 secends ,
then the phone will enter a new interface ,you can press “Volume Up” button to selecet "Clear eMMC", finally press the “Volume Down” button to confirm.



13. How to wipe all user data and reset this phone on the same time?

When I want to wipe all user data and reset this phone on the same time,please refer to the following steps.



14. When phone accidentally enter into factory mode,How get out to normal mode?

Please keep pressing “volume up” button when the phone display the following interface,then  press “volume down” button and  select “Reboot”,finally press the “power” button,the phone will restart.


 14.1. How to open Developer options of Xgody phone?

Settings→About phone→Build number→Click “build number” five times quickly →Back to “Setttings”,you will find “Developer options” appear.



15. How to view the IMEI of this phone?

Please dial  "*#06#"  by the phone, the IMEI will show out  on the screen.


16. How to set the language of this phone?

When I  want  to change the language of this phone, please refer to the following steps.


17. What should I do when the cellphone`s network is ok, but can`t use mobile data or connect the Internet?

SettingsMoreMobile networksAccess point namesSwitch other APNs to confirm whether to connect the Internet or not.



18. How to set a song as the ringtone?

Music→Songs→Play it→Songs settings→select “Use as ringtone” 



19. The manual for my xgody phone

as for the user manual, we have uploaded it on line for you. you can check the below link and download it: 



20. Customers who buy mobile phone batteries need to write down the model of the mobile phone when purchasing, so how to check the model of the mobile phone battery?

Method 1: The model of the mobile phone is written on the battery of the mobile phone
Method 2: Turn on the phone, and find Settings-System-About Phone-Model, you can see your phone model.


21. How do you transfer data from an old phone to a new phone?

Phone number: There is an automatic backup function after logging in to Google, and there is no need to transfer additional data.

For photos, videos, and documents, you can use Zaiya. If two mobile phones have Zaiya installed, they can directly transfer these files to each other.