Dash Cam (DVR) FAQ

Q: Where is the H26.H27 driving recorder instruction?

A: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1j-bB6jd5wogaIN2Gi2VE4LWPeZQ_hk4k

Q: What we can do if it can't record video normally?

A: You can change the TF card; change the resolution, frames per second; insert the larger capacity memory card; make sure the card has been installed correctly(during the installation process; you should hear a clicking sound),delete unnecessary files from the memory card to release space.


Q: Why it power off automatically after working a few minutes?

A: Please make sure it connects car charge to provide power, because the battery can't work a long time.


Q: Why the dash cam can’t recognize the SD card?

A: First, please use the class 8 with branded memory card will be better. (CLASS 10 IS BEST).

Second, please check the micro SD card position, (normally, there is a mark on the device near to the card port showing the correct position of memory card.) and you will feel a little button bounce insert the device after you insert the memory card.

Third, please insert the micro SD card into the device before you power on the device.

Last, please format the micro SD card. Last, please reset the dash cam, there is a little hole on the device, could you please use a little needle to push it (reset hole).


Q: Why did the dash cam turn on/off automatically?

A: About turning itself off, please try double check the device at first:

1, Please changing another Car charger OR connect it with the computer via the USB cable directly always, and test if the device can work well? If yes, the car charger is defect.

2, Please check if you had turned on the auto turn off function already, If yes, Please turn it OFF, this is so important, please check:

1) Double press the top right MENU button (near the power on one) -- Press the down button select auto power off.
2) Use the left up/ down button to select " OFF " on the right side and then press the REC button to confirm.

3, If it still can't work, please kindly change another memory card in the device, OR please remove the memory card to test.


Q: Why doesn't the recorder record after I insert the SD card? Not working?

A: You need to format your SD card on the computer. After inserting the SD card into the mirror camera, format the machine again. Click "setting"  "format"


Q: What is the largest capacity SD card that can be used in this unit?

A: It is best to use a memory card: 16G/32G/64GB


Q: Can you adjust the reverse aid lines width and angle? The reverse aid is too narrow and highly inaccurate.

A: Hello width cannot be adjusted. You can adjust the angle up and down. On the left one-third of the screen, swipe up and down to adjust the view scope of the camera.


Q: Can I replace the rear camera only?

A: Yes, of course.


Q: Does it record only what’s on the screen or it records both the front

and the back even the screen only shows either the front or the rear?

A: This mirror dashcam records both the front and the back even the

the screen only shows either the front or the rear.


Q: No longer loop recording

A: The reason why the device will no longer loop video recording is that the video in the SD card cannot be overwritten. In other words, the file is locked completely and cannot be overwritten. Please format the SD card manually. Then adjust the protection level to medium or low.