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Tablet FAQ

Q: Can I use my sim card in this tablet?

A: There are 2 kinds of tablet, one can support sim card, and another one can only work with wifi, also called kid tablet.

Before buying, you can check the spec on listing, if it can support sim card, then there are matched frequency and network provided on listing, like this:

3G:(WCDMA 850MHz/1900MHz/ 2100MHz)

2G:(GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz)


Q: Why it can’t show the signal after I insert the SIM card?

A: First, please check the SIM card size (tablet only support standard SIM card), then please check if you insert it correctly, and please remember to turn off the tablet before you insert the SIM card.

If it is still no signal, then please check if the SIM card is matched with the tablet, you can check the frequency and network provided on ad.


Q: What if the tablet appears with “youtube stops working”?

A: First, please reset the tablet like this:press “ setting ”—“ Backup & reset ”---- “Factory data reset ”-----“Reset phone ”----“ Erase everything ”, after that, log into google play store, and update the google frame and google plugin.


Q: Why I can’t use Whatsapp and Netflix app after install them?

As due to the version issue, there is a limitation when used in other devices.

If you need to use these apps, you can contact us for help, we can send you apk to install, then you can use them.


Q: What should I do if the storage isn’t enough to download more application?

In this case, you can uninstall some useless apps first, then insert the SD/TF card, then change the default write disk to the SD card (steps: storage - SD). Besides, you can move most apps to the SD card except system apps.
(Step: Settings --- Apps ---- Choose the app which you want to move into SD Card --- Move to so Card)