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How To Update XGODY Navigation Map For Free, GPS Navi 2023 Map

How To Update XGODY Navigation Map For Free, GPS Navi 2023 Map 28

XGODY’s navigation has been around for 10 years, and we are now providing our users with free and convenient navigation map updates. With the upgrading of our business, the frequency of our map update will be faster and more convenient. We hope that every user will experience better products and services.
As of 2023, our exchange group has more than 6000 members; among them are ordinary drivers, truck drivers, truck drivers, etc., I can exchange group welcome you to join.

You can follow our Facebook to learn the latest details. *Free Update Maps, and The map document is universal for all of XGODY GPS model.

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Knowledge Popularization Before Buying a Projector (more detailed than Wiki)

Knowledge Popularization Before Buying a Projector (more detailed than Wiki) 0

Important Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Projector

- - - 

What is a smart projector?

A smart projector is a type of projector that is equipped with built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other features that allow you to connect to the internet, stream content, and use apps.

More suitable than typical projectors for educational environments, business presentations, and home theater systems. And the XGODY smart projector is more suitable for outdoor and convenient use, because it can play video and streaming media alone without external equipment.


What are the advantages of a smart projector?

Smart projectors offer several advantages, such as the ability to stream content from the internet, access apps, and connect to other devices wirelessly. They also offer a more streamlined user experience by eliminating the need for additional cables and devices.


Do XGODY smart projectors have built-in speakers?

Yes, our smart projectors have built-in speakers, and the quality and volume of the speakers are also pretty good.


What are the types of projectors available in the market?

There are several types of projectors available in the market, such as DLP projectors, LCD projectors, LED projectors, and laser projectors.

Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of image quality, brightness, color accuracy, and cost.


What is the difference between a DLP and an LCD projector?

DLP projectors use a chip with tiny mirrors to project images, while LCD projectors use liquid crystals to display images.

DLP projectors usually have higher contrast ratios and faster refresh rates, while LCD projectors have better color accuracy.


How do I choose the right projector for my needs?

When choosing a projector, consider factors such as resolution, brightness, contrast ratio, throw distance, and connectivity options. Determine your budget and the intended use of the projector to make an informed decision.



Some Basic General Projector FAQs

 - - - 

What is the difference between lumens and contrast ratio?

Lumens refer to the brightness of a projector's image, while contrast ratio refers to the difference between the darkest and brightest parts of the image. A higher contrast ratio means that the image will have more detail and depth, while a higher lumen count means that the image will be brighter.


How do I connect my laptop or other devices to the projector?

Most projectors have multiple input options, such as HDMI, VGA, and USB. Simply connect the appropriate cable from your laptop or device to the projector and select the correct input source on the projector.

XGODY smart projectors support wireless connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and AirPlay, allowing you to easily connect your smartphone or tablet to the projector.


How do I adjust the image size and focus on the projector?

Most projectors have the manual zoom and focus controls that allow you to adjust the image size and clarity. Use the controls on the projector or remote to adjust the image as needed.


What is keystone correction?

Keystone correction is a feature that allows you to adjust the image's shape to correct for distortions caused by projecting the image at an angle or onto an uneven surface. This helps to ensure that the image is displayed properly and appears rectangular.


What types of apps can I use on a smart projector from XGODY?

Smart projectors typically support a variety of apps, such as streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, as well as productivity apps like PowerPoint and Google Docs.


Can I use a projector for outdoor events?

Yes, you can use a projector for outdoor events, but you will need to ensure that the projector is bright enough to overcome ambient light and that you have a suitable surface to project onto.


Can I connect a sound system to the projector?

Yes, most projectors have audio output options that allow you to connect external speakers or a sound system to enhance the audio quality of your presentation or movie.


How long do projector bulbs last?

Projector bulbs typically last between 20,000 and 100,000 hours, depending on the type of bulb and usage. It is important to replace the bulb when it reaches the end of its lifespan to ensure optimal performance.


How do I maintain my projector?

Regularly clean the air filter and lens of the projector to prevent dust buildup and ensure optimal performance. Keep the projector in a cool and dry place and avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or humidity.



8 must-know projector terms

Before buying a projector, it is still necessary to have a basic understanding of some key terms and functions in order to make an informed decision. Please take 1 minute to browse:


Resolution: The resolution of a projector refers to the number of pixels it can display. A higher resolution means a sharper and more detailed image. Common resolutions for projectors include 720p, 1080p, and 4K.

Brightness: The brightness of a projector is measured in lumens, and determines how well the projector can display images in well-lit rooms. The higher the lumen count, the brighter the image.

Contrast ratio: The contrast ratio of a projector measures the difference between the brightest and darkest parts of an image. A higher contrast ratio means more detail in shadows and highlights.

Throw distance: The throw distance of a projector refers to the distance between the projector and the screen. It's important to choose a projector with a throw distance that matches the size of the room and screen you'll be using.

Keystone correction: Keystone correction is the ability to adjust the image to compensate for the angle at which the projector is positioned. This is important to avoid distorted or distorted images, and is more home-friendly, as the projector no longer needs to be facing the screen directly.

Connectivity: Make sure the projector has the connectivity options you need, such as HDMI, VGA, USB, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

Lamp life: Projector lamps have a limited lifespan, usually measured in hours. The LED lamp life of the XGODY projector is generally more than 100,000H, and it can definitely be used for more than 10 years.

Sound: If you plan to use the projector's built-in speakers, The XGODY smart projector is powerful enough to meet your needs.


By keeping these factors in mind, you'll be better equipped to choose the right projector for your needs and budget.





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XGODY WiFi Dash Cam Will Give Peace Of Mind On The Road

XGODY WiFi Dash Cam Will Give Peace Of Mind On The Road 0

The XGODY J401 PRO is made by famous brand , it has decent specifications that compete well with other wifi dash cams out there. If you want a premium 4k dash cam that will record great quality video and comes with extra features such as built-in G-senor and Voice Control, especially at such an affordable price, or if any of the advantages of this wifi dash cam appeal to you, don't miss it.
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Guide to the selection and purchase of smart projectors for home

Guide to the selection and purchase of smart projectors for home 0

As projectors have gradually come into the public's view, more and more netizens have given up the bulky LCD TV monitors when watching movies and TV plays and have chosen to use projectors instead. If we want to buy a projector for home or outdoor, what should we know about the projector? Let's move on.
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The Invention History and Advantages of Projector: Big to Small Size

The Invention History and Advantages of Projector: Big to Small Size 0


In 1640, a Jesuit priest named Chisel invented a slide projector called the Magic lamp, which was the first projector in the world. Projector, also known as a projector, its development history:

In 1991, developed the world's first data projector (LitePro series).

In 1992, the world's first high-resolution LCD projection board (7600XGA) was developed successfully.

In 1993, the world's first multimedia LCD projector was developed successfully—the first laptop LCD projector.

In 1994, the world's first effective matrix film tube night crystal projection board with high resolution was successfully developed.

In 1995, it successfully developed the world's first polysilicon multimedia projector. The first portable high-resolution (1280*1024) projector.

In 1996, the world's first DMD digital multimedia projector was developed successfully.

In 1998, the world's smallest DLP digital multimedia projector LP425 launched.

In 1999, the world's first generation of network multimedia projector LP755.

In 2000, the world's first DVI notebook projector LP335 launched.

In 2001, the BumbleBee LP130(BumbleBee) is the world's smallest digital projector, weighing only 1.3kg.

In 2002, the world's brightest network digital projector LP650 launched.

In 2003, the handheld digital projector LP70 was launched.

In 2004, the first micro digital projector with LCD screen LP120.

In 2005, it launched the super luxury three-light DLP digital projector SP777.

In 2006, it launched the economic home projection King Play Big IN72.

In 2007, the new business projector IN32 was launched.

In 2008, the ultra-thin pocket projector IN12 was launched.


The Future - Prospects for the Development of Micro Projectors

Today, on the one hand, the brightness of LED light sources has increased, and on the other hand, the mass production of micro-projection chips has also reduced the cost of micro-projectors. With the combination of projection and consumer electronic products such as mobile phones, notebook computers, and portable playback devices, the projection function has also attracted the attention of the public.

Portable projector development trend forecast

According to the analysis report of Pacific Media Association in Q2 2008, portable projectors will grow at an average annual rate of 200%, and at the same time, various products with embedded projection functions will grow at an average annual rate of nearly 300%. speed growth. Combined with the appearance of various micro-projector products at the CES2009 Consumer Electronics Show, it is not difficult for us to imagine how fast the future micro-projectors will develop.


Although the miniature projector has only been developed for more than 3 years since it was launched, it is far beyond imagination in terms of its attention and popularity. If the previous projector was doomed to become an office product in a single field for a long time due to its size limitation, then the miniature projection technology combined with various consumer electronics products will expand the application field of projection. become infinite possibilities. Due to the reduction in volume, the shape of the projector can no longer be a boxy instrument. Whether it is the size of a mobile phone or foldable, there are many possibilities for the shape of the projector. The projector is expected to become a new type of equipment after notebooks and mobile phones. fashion consumer electronics. After all, no matter how exquisite a mobile phone, notebook, or portable player is, its display screen size is still limited. With the addition of projection functions, these products can enlarge the small screen and share it everywhere. We are also looking forward to the emergence of more and more perfect micro-projectors.

The advantage of the projector:

  1. Integrate equipment, from the avenue to the simplicity

In the past, when the projection was installed and used, it was necessary to lay out audio cables, video cables, etc. in advance, and finally connect the content source and speakers before it could be used. The beauty of the interior. Taking XGIMI as an example, it not only comes with rich content sources, but also has built-in internationally renowned Harman Kardon speakers, allowing users to buy and use it without having to consider other factors. Simple operation + excellent experience will naturally attract more users to buy.

  1. Optimize the video playback experience

 The usage scenarios of traditional projection are mainly in the office field or classroom, so the dynamic display of projection is often not paid much attention to, which also leads to the phenomenon of frame drop and freeze due to various reasons when traditional projection plays dynamic video. Seriously affect the viewing experience of users. But when the user group becomes ordinary people and the usage scenario becomes home, the needs are quite different. At this time, the main purpose of projection is to enjoy TV dramas or movies at home, so the requirements for the dynamic performance of projection are very high.

 Both XGIMI and Sony have seen such user pain points, so they introduced MEMC motion compensation technology that is only available in high-end TVs, such as XGIMI H2, XGIMI Z6, and Sony’s VPL-VW870ES, etc., so that the projection will automatically calculate and Supplement the missing images between moving objects, so that users can watch smoothly and freely. The football mode unique to the XGIMI Smart Projector optimizes the trajectory of the football and the trajectory of the players with different algorithms, which improves the accuracy of motion estimation and frame insertion. It makes everyone feel more comfortable when watching football games. In the author's opinion, the projection without motion compensation is far inferior to the projection with motion compensation in terms of the viewing experience. Therefore, it is recommended that you must buy a model with motion compensation when purchasing a home projector.

  1. Ease of use experience

 In addition to motion compensation technology, keystone correction technology is also a major pain point for users. It is cumbersome for traditional projectors to realize the regularity of the projection screen, and some even need to manually adjust the feet of the fuselage. At the same time, they are also very particular about the placement of the fuselage. And some relatively "humanized" projectors have a vertical keystone correction function in the system, which makes it easier for users to adjust the picture. XGIMI projectors are more advanced and user-friendly. They have trapezoidal correction functions in four directions, up, down, left, and right, allowing users to place projections arbitrarily. The latest models, such as XGIMI H2 and XGIMI Z6X, have added intelligent auxiliary trapezoid Correction, automatic up, down, left, and right trapezoidal correction is realized. It is worth mentioning that some XGIMI laser projectors even support the automatic alignment of the screen in one shot, so even the laser TV does not need to be manually adjusted. On the whole, the entry of smart projectors such as XGIMI is very friendly to users who want to add projectors after decoration. I believe this is also a major reason for the rapid development of the domestic projection market.

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XGODY A6T - Things You Need To Know | A Great 4.3-inch Dashcam Dual Cameras

XGODY A6T - Things You Need To Know | A Great 4.3-inch Dashcam Dual Cameras 0

Are you hunting for a perfect gadget that can help you with almost everything regarding your vehicle's security? We understand it is difficult to remember every detail in unfortunate situations. However, XGODY dual lens dash cam can be your best bet. 

XGODY is one of the best producers known for its amazing products. In this article, we've reviewed one of their quality product to help you secure your road trips while traveling with family or friends. It helps you with security and has some cool features to overcome many serious problems. 

So, let's get deep into the review without wasting a second. 


Highlighted Features of XGODY A6T: 

XGODY A6T has tons of special features that amaze any user. In case of any accident, the device automatically records videos and photos for the best of your proof. Moreover, XGODY A6T locks all the recorded files with a click.
You can look out for some impressive features in this amazing device. We've mentioned some of A6t's outstanding features to ease your selection process. 
Let's get on the bandwagon and discuss these features. 

Parking Monitoring

One of the best features you can get from the XGODY dual lens dash cam. It offers you the best 24 hours car parking monitoring service. 

If you've parked your car in an unknown area and fear security, then this feature will be so helpful for you. Simply connect the car battery and car parking monitoring cable. It will monitor for 24 hours and record the video even if the car is turned off.  Isn't it the best feature? 

Reversing Camera

The product focuses on safe driving. You can connect the rearview camera to your car system, which automatically works as the rearview camera. Besides that, XGODY offers a dual-lens dash camera that supports front and rear recording. 

Additionally, the rear camera is so simple to install. You can install it on the back of the windshield. Also, it can be installed on the top of the back of the license plate. 

G- Sensor

G-sensors offer the best possible support in every case. Connecting the G-sensor feature will automatically record and save the video that could be used as evidence in unfortunate situations. So, for better detection you should choose XGODY Dual Dash cam with G-sensor that provide clear picture with precision and you can get the security you dream about.

Motion Detection

Other than this, dual lens dash cam XGODY A6t comes with incredible features like motion detection. This feature helps detect moving objects while driving or the car is powered on. 

Moreover, it has a loop recording feature that comes in handy when your memory card is full. In this case, loop recording helps in covering the recent videos, but it will not let anything affect your locked files. 

4 Inch IPS Touch Screen

XGODY A6t is equipped with a clearer 4-inch display. With the help of high color saturation technology helps in clear view even in strong daylight. Additionally, the touch screen makes it more convenient to control. The personalized UI aids greatly as you can customize the screen. 

Full HD 1080P Resolution

Furthermore, the 4" HD IPS touchscreen display with six layers dual lens dash cam helps record the beautiful scenery on your way. 

So, these were some of the device's impressive and most attractive features. Let's just get some quick insight into its pros and cons. 


Overall pros and cons analysis

This is an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages with personal opinions, because I have used it myself. I have been using this product for 2 years and so far everything works fine.


  • Night vision to capture in low light. 
  • Picture in picture display. 
  • Easy installation. 
  • Rear and front cam recording. 
  • Monitoring parking cable is available. 
  • Ultra light


  • Can't be used for moto, even though it's a mini Dashcam


What comes in the box(Standard optional)

  • 1x Car DVR
  • 1x Car Charger
  • 1x Rear View camera
  • 1x Rear View camera line (about 6m)
  • 2x Screws
  • 1x Suction Bracket
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x 16GB TF card


How To Install XGODY A6t dual-lens camera? 

Yet, all the modern dash cams come with hard work. You can simply install it yourself within 15-20 minutes. You can also call for professional help. 

While the installation process is easy, it follows these simple steps: 

Step # 1: once you've known the power source, find the exact place to locate your device in the car. We mostly recommend placing the dash can go behind your rearview camera.

Step # 2: now, it's time to route your cable. This can be done effectively by working with your vehicle's structure. 

For aesthetics, you can hide all the wires in the interior of the car; this requires a small tool, a flat plastic or wooden panel. Use it to pry open a gap in the car's interior and stuff the wires in.

Step # 3: Install the front-view camera and install the rearview camera. 

The wire of the reversing camera is 6 meters long, which is enough for ordinary cars, so don't worry about this problem.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why does this XGODY A6t power off automatically? 

Well, the device is connected to your car's battery. Therefore, it powers off automatically after a few seconds as the battery does not work for a long time.

If you need 24-hour monitoring, you need to use DASHCAM HARDWIRE (decompression line) to directly link to the car's battery, so that the T6A will not shut down.

What to do if my A6t is not recording video normally? 

You can change the TF card, reset the resolution, and format the SD card to overcome this situation. Also, you can make sure to insert a large-capacity SD card that supports large recordings. Moreover, while installing the card, ensure the clicking sound. 

What could be the possible capacity of the SD card can be used? 

You can use up to 64 GB SD card to get most of the recording. Also, do ensure to delete all the previous videos and recordings to save the most out of it. Free space is always better because being out of space can prevent camera from recording.

Does the XGODY A6T record both the rear and front view even if it shows the front view on screen?

So, yes, the XGODY A6t records both front and rear views, no matter if it only shows the front/back view on the screen. 



While summary, dashcams are one of the best investments these days. The gadget helps you secure your road trips and protect your vehicle while parking. 

XGODY A6T has many incredible features like a dual-lens camera, parking monitoring mode, etc. You can read detailed reviews to help you understand a product better. 

We hope this piece of information might have served a helping hand. Also, don't forget to mention your thoughts about the product. 


Of course, if you need more brand new and cost-effective Dashcams in different styles, you can check here: XGODY HD Dashcam with camera.




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Why Choosing XGODY T95 Android 10.0 Smart TV Box Is A Good Option? 

Why Choosing XGODY T95 Android 10.0 Smart TV Box Is A Good Option?  0

Are you frustrated by lagging TV and looking for the best solution? If yes, then this would be your last search stop. TV boxes are one of the best ways to overcome this problem in the easiest way possible. 

Yet, to get you the best experience for the whole family, we've reviewed one of the best XGODY TV box t95. It comes with a futuristic design and the most powerful smart 6K technology to become the best addition to be added to your TV system. 

So, if you're interested in knowing more about spilling tea, give this review a good read. 

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3 Of The Best XGODY Dash Cam You Should Check Out

3 Of The Best XGODY Dash Cam You Should Check Out 0

Seems like you’re planning on investing in some good quality dash cams. Aren’t you? Well, if yes, then this could be your last read. We completely understand that dashcams are essential to invest in regarding road security. Therefore to give our readers unbias advice, we’ve concluded the 3 best XGODY 1080P dash cam

So, if you’re interested in knowing more about these products, give this piece a good read. 

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XGODY Android Projectors That You Would Fall In Love With

XGODY Android Projectors That You Would Fall In Love With 0

Tired of that long drive to the theatre? Well, that's not an issue now with the projectors, which provide that theatre vibes at home. Finding a good projector might be tough, but after this article, it won't be a problem for you. You have to determine several factors while looking for a projector, and even if you get all the features of your choice, you get a setback with that high price. 

We understand all your problems and have brought you this article reviewing one of the best-selling movie projectors in the market right now, and if your mind clicks with the name XGODY, then you are intelligent. This article reviews the XGODY X1 movie 4k projector providing all the necessary information. Read it till the end to know more. 

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All You Need To Know About Best Android Tablet For Kids

All You Need To Know About Best Android Tablet For Kids 0

Do you want to buy an android tablet for your kid but don't know where to begin? If your answer is yes, don't worry; we're here to assist you. We understand how difficult it can be to find a tablet that meets your needs while fitting into your budget, especially with so many new models on the market with updated features. 

So don't waste your valuable time and stored energy searching on other sites because you will get your desired tablet in a matter of minutes. So stick with us until the end because we will look at the top three best android tablet for kids in this article. Let's dive deeper into the topic.

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9 Inch Tablet-A Smart Choice For Your Work or Kid

9 Inch Tablet-A Smart Choice For Your Work or Kid 1

Do you want to replace your current laptop because it has a short battery life, poor performance, and is heavy to carry? If yes, then it's time to replace it with an XGODY T901 tablet. We understand how stressful it would be for you to be working on dozens of assignments with your old faulty laptop. 

However, we also understand that selecting the best tablet can be difficult, especially with so many other options on the market. Now, you might be wondering how a 9 inch tablet could be the best alternative to a laptop. Right?  

But believe us, this tablet not only solves all of your problems but also offers high-quality functionality in a stylish design. So, to know more about this tablet, keep reading until the end because we will go over its unique features, pros and cons, and much more. Let's start it.

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3 XGODY Best Sat Nav with Bluetooth For You

3 XGODY Best Sat Nav with Bluetooth For You 1

Finding good quality and named GPS SAT NAV SYSTEM and related gadgets must be difficult for many, but it won't be after this article. If you are wandering around in search of a good GPS Sat Nav, this article is for you providing a review of three of the hot products from one of the most trusted brands in this regard.

Yes, to excellence, we regard the XGODY and its wide range of GPS navigation kits and products. You're suggested to read this article till the end to get yourself a good GPS Sat Nav with Bluetooth by XGODY.

Moreover, XGODY navigation is currently the most cost-effective and relatively cheapest on the market, and it is also a navigation brand with a long history.

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