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There is a story about XGODY

There is a story about XGODY.

The year 2009, our founder Ben started his own eBay business. One day he received an order from over a thousand miles away. His first customer. A Polish who bought a GPS device from his online shop as a present for his parents’35th wedding anniversary. His parents planned an around Europe self-driving trip for celebration. The GPS device gave a hand during their trip which provided a remarkable and memorable memory in their life. Ben received a thank you letter from the customer. In the letter, the customer mentioned a Polish word – Gody. In Polish, Gody means celebrations, wedding ceremonies, wedding anniversaries, etc. Ben was deeply impressed that how joyful technology would bring to people.

In 2014, Ben decided to establish his own brand XGODY. “X” means independent variable in mathematics, which represent each XGODY customer. Ben would like XGODY can use technology to bring every XGODY customer happiness. Today, XGODY has developed into a technology brand that integrates GPS navigators, mobile phones, tablets, smart wearables, Bluetooth products, etc.

XGODY is committed to continuously improving product quality and enhancing user experience. Technology makes life fun is what we pursuit. Making XGODY become a technology brand that everyone can afford is our goal.

XGODY, making life easier and more fun.