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Q: XGODY TV Box - user manual

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Q: Can't boot/open for the first time

Our QC team has test the item in details before we ship, so i believe we can work it out together, in this situation, please try below: is step how to set the tv box up

A. connect the charger to tv box and socket
B. connect hdmi cable between the tv box and the tv
C. set your tv at the hdmi mode.
please check if you insert those cable tightly.

2. check and get back to me if there is any light on it , the red light or the blue light or no light at all?


Q: How to deal with The TV box NO sound  or kodi NO sound

please:click here


Q: problen of WiFi Setting or Connecting

1.Please try to reset the device:
( setting )—( Backup & reset )---- ( Factory data reset )-----( Reset device )----( Erase everything )

2.Please check if you have connect it with your wifi router successfully and if the signal is strong? If the signal is very weak or it’s out of range,then please try to use it near to your wifi router; if it’s unable to connect, then please check your wifi router setting and also try to connect to different router.

3.Could you please insert your Network Cable directly into the RJ45 port to see if whether it can work?


Q: Step by set for TV Box time setting

Settings - Time & Date - Automatically determine date and time - Select (use network listening time)


Q: Screen transfer function (or Same screen function) of mobile phone and box

You need to install a miracast APP to connect your phone with the box.
And the box and your phone need to connect with the same LAN/WiFi.


Q: How to improve the sound of the box 

The sound of TV Box is too low

First of all,you could adjust the volume via the remote control as well as the app itself.

Secondly,please make sure that the volume of the TV has been turned on.

Thirdly,please click the keyboard and then input "#*#3646633#*#*", then you could adjust the engineering mode.


Q: How to do the Language setting of XGODY TV Box

1.In this situation,please kindly check setting /设置-language/语言-English/英语or英文。
2.if it still can not get to work ,Please kindly do as below :
A:Press :  setting  —  Backup & reset  ----  Factory data reset  ----- Reset tv box ----  Erase everything  
(or:settings--others---more settings--  Backup & reset  ----  Factory data reset  ----- Reset tv box ----  Erase everything )
B:and then at the first when you turn on the the unit ,please kinly choose the language what you want .
3.You also can enter into the apps ,and there is a icon like a compass ,please click it for change the language .


Q:How to solve the video blur of the TV box
The video of XGODY TV Box is blurry and low definition

1.If it happened in some of them, it may the problem for the video quality , it is not depended on the box, you can try to set the resolution to max(1080P or more), then check if it worked well.Or you can watch it in other app.

2.If it happened in the all video,here is the step:

A.If you have another hdmi cable. could you please try with another hdmi cable?
B.Connect the tv with the tv box via av out cable correctly( there are different color port. please check and put correctly),or you can choose to use the HDMI cable to connect it as well.
C.If the problem still there,please try to restore the factory setting as below:
Press   setting  —  Backup & reset  ----  Factory data reset   -----  Reset TV box  ----  Erase everything .
D.Set the resolution of the TV box to 1080P, here is the step:
Setting--display--turn off the automatically resolution--set the resolution to 1080P.


 Q: How to Reset or restore factory settings of XGODY TV Box

For this problem, there is a little hole on the device, could you please use a little needle to push it (reset hole or av-in hole) for few seconds. Please have a try , thanks.

(if you can not find the reset button on the device, means this model  do not have a reset button , then you check the below steps)

if it still don't work,please do the below step.
Press :  setting  —  Backup & reset  ----  Factory data reset  ----- Reset tv box ----  Erase everything  
(or:settings--others---more settings--  Backup & reset  ----  Factory data reset  ----- Reset tv box ----  Erase everything )

Note:After you restore the factory setting, the app pre-loaded will still there, but the app installed by yourself will be deleted.


Q: About All XGODY’s TV Box firmware downloads and related tutorials

The fastest way is to ask questions on the Facebook homepage; the second is to leave a message on the official website or email to

You need to know the model/memory size/name, etc. of your TV Box when you inquire.