Headphone FAQ

Q: Is this Bluetooth headset waterproof?

A: Our Bluetooth headset supports general life waterproofing and can't be washed. Water vapor will affect the transmission of Bluetooth, hope you can understand.

Q: What should I do if the headset is not turned on?

A: Please check the charging port and see if there is a cover one it and tear it off.  

When you charge it, Is there any reaction? If not, please change another cable or charger to try for it.

Q: What is the solution for headphones not pairing?

A: You can try to turn the headset off and then re-pair.

You can re-pair your headset by first resetting it to factory settings. (A7, F8, TWS-8, S2, S5)

Q: Does the headset support Siri Assistant?

A: Our headphones are supported by Siri Assistant.