The most popular shopping festival is Nov.11 Singles’ day?

It is known that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are 2 of the biggest shopping days in the US.

Many of you must have prepared to pay an arm and a leg for these 2 shopping festivals.

But do you know which day is the biggest shopping day in the world?

Stupid! It must be Black Friday!

Sorry, you are wrong.

It is 11.11 Singles’ Day. In the beginning, it was a Day for single people who look for a boy or girlfriend. So in order to have a girl or boyfriend, people mostly will have a date or party to make new friends on that day.

By and by, Nov. 11 becomes a shopping Day.


Singles: Since we don’t have a girl or boy to love. Why don't we care about ourselves more?


Buy ourselves everything we want.

This is how the Singles’ day comes from.

11.11 Singles’ Day becomes more and more popular in the World. In Germany, eBay was also having a product show and discount for this shopping day. They choose some excellent products to display, XGODY is very honored to be chosen.

eBay Single' day sale

Ebay Singles'day show

Ebay Singles'day show

It is not surprising that 11.11 Singles’Day became the biggest shopping day with its influence and GMV reached 268.4 billion within 24hours on that day.

Singles'day gmv




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