Extraordinary ordinary people

Mark is a physical education teacher. He does not know musical instruments, music theory, or dance, but he has a dance club.

For 10 years, he insisted on teaching children singing and dancing every day after school.

Like a father, he educates them with singing and guides them with dance. (Although he does not sing very well and dances well, the biggest credit is his big phone)

He said to the children: "If you can sing such a beautiful voice, it means that God has given you a difference.

He said to the children: "You can dance so beautifully, it means that God has given you a difference.

You need to love your difference.

"Today is an important day, a big competition. The children were terrified, Mark told them, "Relax your body, open your mouth, just sing and jump out of yourself, and release nature."

In the end, when the pure and beautiful aboriginal folk songs sounded on the arena, and when the Elven and primitive aboriginal dance was cheering on the stage, the clear children's voice and the children's black sincere eyes won the applause of everyone in the arena.

At this moment, the hearts of the audience are also boiling with enthusiasm.

The comprehensive competition was a great success. On this day, Mark finally convinced the angels that they themselves were angels.




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