How to choose Massage gun?

From 2019, massage gun has been so popular.

How to know which massage gun is good for you?

We can decide from the 4 aspects to know how to choose it

1.Massage Gun Power

Speaking of massage gun power, we’re referring to two things: how fast the head tip and the massage gun amplitude or depth at which the head moves. These 2 things impacted how comfortable when using the massage gun.


 massage gun

2.Attachment Heads

Depending on who the users are, different attachment heads may be preferred for different applications. Standard attachments like the ball or bullet head are commonly included for most devices but unique attachment heads can provide a more complete experience. If you work out a lot, you may need more different attachment heads to massage your body accordingly.

massage gun


3.Noise Level

There will inevitably be noise generated by the motor units when using a massage gun. This is important to consider as some massage guns can be really noisy, especially when using in an enclosed room, or if using it on areas closer to the ears. So remember to pay attention to noise level when choosing a massage gun.

massage gun


That would be annoying if the massage gun's battery dying in the middle of a session. It is great when you want your device ready to go when you need it, even when you forget to charge it. Long battery life is good if for those who always forget to charge the massage gun and is also very convenient if you want to use it and can get it to go at once. Swappable batteries are really helpful so you can have a backup if one dies.

massage gun

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