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How to set navigation/GPS sound settings and FM

How to set navigation/GPS sound settings and FM

For setting  navigation/GPS sound settings and FM synchronized sound, louder sound effect

(1)can you double check the"FM "icon in main screen , 
open it, and see if it has ticked for using?
if yes, pls untick it,and confirm the option at right top corner  
see if it can help you
(2)when you turn on the FM transmitter ,you can not hear the voice from GPS , please check below setting:
please press the "setting " icon on the main menu ,and then press "volume " then you can set the volume of the device .then back--FM Transmitter, check whether you have tick "Use FM", don't tick it, save and back.
(3)set the voice on the navigation program:
Car GPS :
press "navigation "--"more"---"settings" ---"sounds and warning " --"volume" , and then please set all the option to the max volume .

Please have a try , if not work we will give you other solution.

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  • XGODY xss
Comments 7
  • Kelly

    How come the GPS device has sound. The instructions are not understandable. And no phone number for support

  • Elmer Edwards
    Elmer Edwards

    I have AX daddy GPS navigation system I do not get any verbal audio sound from it what do I do

  • Clyde J Hammond Jr
    Clyde J Hammond Jr

    XGDOY ×5 my route is set for Semi tractor and 53ft trailer,the routing keeps navigating me to take US and city roads I can’t make it stay mostly Interstate travel how do I set and save it for these permiters

  • Ian

    Hi we have got the Bluetooth model when receiving a call cannot hear anything but the caller can hear me all volume controls are set high any help thanks

  • Margaret Squires
    Margaret Squires

    How do I make the volume louder its turned to full volume

  • Margaret Squires
    Margaret Squires

    The sound us set at full volume but when I’m driving I can hardly hear it and I have excellent hearing I don’t want to add a speaker how do I make it louder within the unit I have tried all the English voiced.

    Margaret Squires

  • Lee A Bollinger
    Lee A Bollinger

    Can not get the sound to work

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