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Recommendation of XGody Earphones

If you are looking for the best budget TWS earphones. You are definitely come to the right place. In this article, I will make a detailed introduction to different price bands of XGody earphones. Let me be your guide, to choose a perfect earphone for yourself!

The first recommendation of course is A10. It touched very texture when I first saw them, I think this is inseparable from the role of its matte charging compartment shell., especially the pearl white one. For earphones, the style is very important, but the performance is equally important. Let’s check A10’s main spec. 60mAh battery capacity is very normal but equipped with 2600mAh charging warehouse make A10 outstanding. What’s more, it only cost $29.8, and of course free shipping.




XGODY A10 bluetooth 5.0 wireless earbuds

Okay. Let us move on. The second one I want to recommend is S11. What impressed me most is, what, I’m wearing a headphone? I cannot even feel it. So, you can imagine how comfortable this one is. The touch control is another point worth to be recommended, free your both hands, you can do whatever you want while enjoying the music. Do you often pissed off when your earphone suddenly run out of battery? Don’t worry, 6-7 hours long lasts of battery will never let you down. With so many advantages which cost only $36.9, don't you get a little tempted?

XGody S11 Charging Case Touch Control Wireless Earbuds

 At last, I need to introduce all your guys a high-end XGody TWS headphone. It launched not very long, however; it doesn’t affect its excellent performance. IPX5 waterproof, popular button control, long lasting battery life, hook design...all contained by Q62. Ok, if that is not enough, please check the chip of the earphone. Q62 is equipped with the most stable Bluetooth solution of RTL8763BFR. Your connection will no longer be interrupted by unstable Bluetooth connection. I know it’s time to establish the price. $60? No. $50? No. $40? No no no. The price for XGody Q62 is $32.99. Yes, you heard right, it costs less than $40. 

That’s it? Will you say that’s it? OK, I think the recommendation for today is almost done. But, in the end, I want to give all of you a coupon of these TWS earphone. Any headset I mentioned in this article, you can get a $5 coupon with this code: SAVE5

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