XGODY K30 3G phone,6.8 inch screen

We have come out with a new phone XGODY K30. Let’s introduce you K30. People love big phones these days, you will find they are popular in the market. So K30 is designed as a big phone with a 6.8inch size. XGPDY K30 has 3 colors, black, green, purple.

xgody K30 phone

The XGODY K30 has a big screen that is so amazing for watching TV. There are volume and power buttons on the left side. At the bottom, it has a Type-C USB port.xgody k30 phone

On up left corner there is the front camera, on the back you will see it seems has 4 cameras, but only one working, the 3 others are just for decorative design. Both the front and rear cameras are 5mp.

xgody k30 phone

 The XGODY K30 has a 3000mAh Capacity of battery, which should help you get the day through even watch a movie in the middle of the day. It comes with 1G RAM and 8G ROM, which is a small RAM and ROM. So the multiple tasks will not be this phone’s strength. We can not expand the RAM, but if you want to download some videos to K30 phone, the storage expanding is a must. This phone can add upmost the 64G SD card to it. So, no need to worry about the storage space!

xgody k30 phone

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