Smart Watch FAQ

Q: What’s the difference between 2G and 3G smart watch?

A: 2G smart watches do not have operating system whose functions are fixed in designing period, and provide little space for user expansion. Just like GT88, DZ09.

Whereas 3G smart watch has its own operating system, CPU, storage and software. Users can download APP by connecting Wi-Fi or cellular data. For example, Our KW88, DM368, DM98 smart watches.

Q: What do you mean by downing APP to sync data?

A: Usually, A smart watch need a bridge to achieve data synchronization with the phone, i.e., synchronization software. Different smart watches use different sync software. You may find the QR Code in watch menu or user manual.

Q: What’s the difference between Bluetooth connecting and APP connecting?

A: Generally speaking, when the smart watch connected with phone via Bluetooth, you can sync phone call, contacts, call history, music to smart watch and remote control phone camera.

When the smart watch connected with phone via sync software (APP), you can achieve:

Receive phone notification on smart watch, including SMS, Facebook, twitter, WeChat, QQ, and other notification from phone.

Sync sports & health data to phone from smart watch, including steps, calories, mileages, heart rate, sleep data.

Q: What should I do if the watch is unable to start?

A: Generally speaking, we will charge the watch to more than 50% before shipping. However, due to delivery time or shipping bumps, the watch may unable to start. In this case, you can peel off the plastic insulation on battery, then reinstall battery and charge the watch with large electric current.

Q: What should I do if the APP flashes back?

A: Please check whether the RAM (Random-Access Memory) of your mobile phone is enough. As each APP will occupy some space to run, if the RAM of phone is inadequate, the APP cannot run smooth. On the other hand, please be sure the operating system of your phone is match with the APP, if not, please update the system.