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Hello dear customer

Congratulations, you can get $20 cash back!
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  • xssXGODY
Comments 4
  • Chuck

    USB-OTG (On The Go)? I bought this beautiful android phone with the purpose as a tool, to be used with a WALABOT stud/wire/pipe finder…. All brand new equipment. Sadly, between myself and the Walabot company, we could not get the OGODY to pair and function with the WALABOT. It was determined that because of this lacking functionality between the devices it will not work. It has to send power to the camera (Walabot), and then the walabot returns the picture to the phone. Is there any ‘PROGRAM’ (old school) that I can purchase to add this android functionality back into my new xgody phone?

  • Ionel

    I bought a XGODY-model X4 BT 9" GPS and the Software Navigation version is : (Jun.18.2014). Can anybody help with a link to update the new Navigation Software ? Thank you !

  • Lawrie Edwards
    Lawrie Edwards

    Yeah sounds great

  • Kevin Arcus
    Kevin Arcus

    wa!! Wa ?? it sounds good

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