Review Xgody-EM05 Massage gun, a muscle release artifact

I believe many people have heard of the name: Xgody. Xgody is an electronic manufacturing company with strong technical capabilities. The main feature of their products is cost performance, Although the prices of the products are very common, the quality and after-sales are in place. I have always been following the products of this company, and in this year's release of new products, I unexpectedly discovered the existence of the massage gun. This is a very pleasant surprise for me. I just need it (I am a fat guy).

The one that attracted my attention was a lightweight version of the massage gun. According to the staff, this product is lighter in weight and designed for single users. The point is that its unit price is also low, which lowers the threshold for users to try. The product will definitely have a discount on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, So -- friends who want to try or are curious about the massage gun that must not miss it. Xgody-EM05


The misunderstood Massage Gun

Well, I want to correct someone’s point of view, that is, "Is the massage gun specifically for fitness personnel? Only after fitness can the massage gun be used?"

In fact, this is an advertising error. The massage gun is actually for massage, not call a fitness gun. It uses a special vibration method to relax the deep muscles and Massage acupoints (acupoint research in Chinese medicine). It is difficult to achieve this kind of deep relaxation by personal strength alone. Unless you ask a dedicated masseur, your child or lover can help you get deep relaxation. And this massage gun EM05 modified by the technology company of Xgody not only allows you to get deep relaxation, but also a lightweight Xgody specially designed for a single user, which is more convenient and easy to use.

I believe most people have some related questions, such as so many massage guns on the market, why is XGODY-EM05 better? Are other brands bad? Will such a cheap one leak electricity or is there any other danger? Is the motor powerful? Can it relax me slightly?

The above questions will be answered by my professional reviewer~


1. About Safe question

The product I purchased was upgraded and built by xgody company. It is reputable in terms of safety and has relevant EU and US certifications, so there is no risk of electricity leakage. But there is actually have other danger, that it is a ‘gun’. So don't take it out to face others in the middle of the night, it will have the desired effect, let alone do this to the police uncle, please!

2. About Effect problem

In addition, how to judge the quality of the massage gun? It mainly depends on the vibration distance of the gun head. The telescopic distance of EM05 developed by XGODY is 1 cm. After a lot of research and experience, it is concluded that the massage gun with the telescopic distance of the tip of 0.9-1.5 cm is the best.



Normally, cheap massage guns don't have enough vibration distance, they can't press deep, and they may hurt the more you use them! As I said at the beginning, xgody's products are both cost-effective and quality, and can be used with confidence. If you still don’t believe it, click on this link to see other people’s comments, or ask the clerk to check the relevant product certification! Click http://amzn.to/32wiAH4


Is EM05 powerful? How about mild relaxation?

Seriously, as far as I am concerned, its power is too strong. When I used the sixth speed to massage my thighs, I refused, it hurts, it hurts! In the 2 weeks of my trial, I basically only used the 4th speed, which is the most comfortable strength and frequency. This speed is very suitable to relieve fatigue and shoulder pain at work. As for the bottom of the foot, the tip needs to be replaced.

In fact, the EM05 massage gun is suitable for family use, because it is small and light, and can be controlled by both adults and children; if it is after exercise or fitness, the effect of the massage gun will be more obvious, and the pain will be relieved the next day- -All relaxed.


Features/recommendations of EM05 (Xgody's upgraded)

  1. Strong endurance-amazing endurance of 7 hours. It is the most favorite massage gun for people who travel, climb mountains, or exercise, and exercise. It has a battery life of 6 hours for 2 days!

  2. Quiet and strong. To be honest, EM05's "Quiet and Power" is definitely not the best, there are definitely many better products, but please don't forget one thing, EM05's price and affordable. Among the products of the same price on the market, its quietness and strength are outstanding.

  3. It is really light~~

I am a fat guy


To sum up

l In general, if you want to experience the effects of the massage gun, but don't want to buy too expensive.


Xgody's EM05 is a good choice.

l If you are a working person, you want to relax at work and promote blood circulation.


Xgody's EM05 is a good choice. Because its third speed is just right, the sound is quiet.

l If you are a moderate fitness enthusiast, the fifth and sixth speed is your final destination. EM05 effectively relieves soreness.


Xgody's EM05 is a good choice.

Finally, the price and quality of EM05 are very high. Link-Massage Gun for Athletes, Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager Handheld Massage Gun Cordless Body Muscle Gun


Tips: Newcomers use the massage gun and remember to read the instructions and related videos~

Click here to see more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASXPRFFhCME



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