Do you know that you are actually an acrobat?

We can’t live without a mobile phone every day: watching videos while eating, playing games in the bus, replying to messages while walking ... Which causes a sore neck.

There is 2 pictures that show vividly what we look like when playing phones.

Do you know Head down playing mobile phone hurts your neck more than you think?

When a person does not look down, the neck only needs to bear the pressure of the head (about 4 to 5 kg), which is very easy.

But when a person lowers his head, he will instantly transform into an acrobat, and his neck is almost pressured. Just lowering your head to 45 degrees will put 22 kg of pressure on your neck.

It ’s no wonder that your neck is sore ...

How should I relieve my neck soreness?

  1. Keep your body upright and turn it up, down, left, and right


Instead of turning your neck, stretch your muscles in each direction for 5 seconds and repeat 3 times.

  1. Put one hand under the buttocks to press or hold the stool, and slowly shake the head with the other hand


Don't use too much force, you can feel the muscles on the left and right neck stretch;

Hold the action for 5 seconds, do 3 groups at a time, and continue by changing sides.

Is it simple? However, the most important thing is to master the correct posture of playing mobile phones, that is Keep your head upright.

Do n’t wait until your neck is sore before you regret it ~

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