Thanks to our colleagues for their hard work

We all suffered from the COVID-19 these days. Until now we are still wearing masks when going out and working at the office.

However, there are some people we would like to thank. Before we go back to work, there are 2 big challenges facing us.

At the beginning of the resuming of work, We are short of hands. The first group of our colleagues has to work in the shift to make sure the orders can be delivered on time to your guys. And another challenge is that our production had been delayed by the virus, which means some orders will can not fulfill. Though hard it is, our product colleagues do their best to make sure they can get the stock in as possible as they can. If it is not for them, we cannot guarantee that your order will be delivered on time. However, there are still some orders being canceled. We would say sorry again to whom the orders had been canceled and thanks to our colleagues for their hard work. They are ordinary people while they are great for their contributions.

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