Is XGODY T703 kids tablet the good choice?

Why you want a tablet?

What is the most concern when choosing a tablet?

What is your budget?

You may ask yourself the 3 questions before buying a tablet for your kids.

There are many kids tablets out there. big brands, no-names, floods in the market.

It is not easy to choose a suitable and good tablet.

But if you target your budget to $50-$100we do have a nice tablet, which is XGODY T703.

It comes with 5 colors, the protective case is attached to the tablet itself and can not take it off. The case is so solid and protect the tablet well, which is helpful since the tablets will probably drops many times when they are at the hands of the kids.

kids tablet

It is powered by Android 8.1.The system does not support update. The RAM is of 1GB.Which is enough for kids using, just make sure that if the app does not use ,better to turn it off, otherwise if you turn on too many apps at the same time, it will froze, because the small RAM can not support multiple tasking. The internal storage is 16GB, while the actual amount will be less than this data. Since there are some learning, game apps already re-installed to the tablet, they will take up some room.And it can take up to 32gd sd card.

xgody kids tablet


The battery capacity for XGODY T703 is of 3000mAh.It can use about 4-6 hours. If your kids pay with the tablet 2-3 hours a day, you only need to charge it the next day.So it totally enough power to use. And the charging time is 2 hours.

It has 2 modes,regular mode and kids mode.This can set by parents,when kids using it switch to kid mode.When not using it by entering the password and swtch to regular mode. This function protects your kids from inappropriate content.

xgody kids tablet

Multiple apps installed,Your kids can learn by this tablet without your help.Apart from learning apps, some gaming apps are installed to help your kids relaxed. If you worry that your kids will be indulged in games, there is a parental control function to let you monitor your kids and control the time they are using the tablet. This will certainly save your worry and energy to looking after your kids, so you can have more of your own time. Isn't that a thrill?

XGODY tablet


In a nutshell,if you are looking for a tablet that is under $100,you can consider xgody T703 kids tablet.

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