X96Q:a new TVBOX powered by the new low-cost Allwinner H313 SoC

X96Q is a black and small-sized box. It looks fancy.

One of the most notable features for this box, in addition, to supporting for 4K video and low price, is powered by the new low-cost Allwinner H313 SoC and Android 10 system. The new low-cost Allwinner H313 SoC.

X96Q android 10 TVbox

The new lowcost Allwinner H313 SoC increases the maximum decoding rate by 30%, which means the video streaming is faster. The X96Q is available in 2 configurations,1GB RAM and 8GB RAM&2G RAM and 16GB RAM. The 1/8 one is 23.9, the 2/16 one is 26.9 on our website.

X96Q android 10 TVbox

It is no need to say,X96Q supports 4K videos.Easy to set up,watching your favorite videos,downloading apps you want are so easy.


 X96Q android 10 tvbox

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