XGODY budget phones under $100

If you are at the market looking for the budget phones under $100,you had better read this article.

That is for sure we always want to make the most use of the money, spend less as possible and get more.

So here we will introduce you some XGODY budget phones under $100.

Big screen phone

Big screen phone, we will present you XGODY note 10,this model has 7.2 inch screen. Watch out, if you have small hands this phone will not be a comfortable size for you to use.

Apart from the 7.2 inch big screen,this phone is 2GB of ram and 16GB of ROM.This specifications are basic and not so impressed,wwhich means multi-tasks are not suggestioned,otherwise it is  easy to froze.If you are chasing for big screen and no has little needs of multiple tasks,this XGODY NOTE 10 phone is your ideal choice.

xgody note 10 phone


Phones with bigger of RAM and ROM

If you are familiar with XGODY phones, you will know that most of XGODY phones have limited RAM like 1GB or 2GB,and ROM are mostly 16GB.The only 2 phones with 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM are MATE 30 and M30S.These 2 phones are similar, both of them have 5mp front camera,8mp rear camera. The size of the 2 phones are 6.26,waterdrop design. They both have type-c charging jack, which is faster than regular USB charging jack. These 2 phones are balanced in every specs.If you need bigger RAM and ROM, these 2 phones are good choices.


xgody phones mate 30xgody phones M30S

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Donna Butler

Donna Butler

How do I open the back of the phone to insert battery

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