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How to open XGODY phone cover and insert cards?

Half of the XGODY phones are having removable batteries, which means the phone cover can be open, and you need to open the XGODY phone cover before you insert cards in. Here is the guide telling you how to open XGODY phone cover and insert cards.

First, let’s list some models that are popular and comes with a phone cover.



Built-in battery(can not open the cover and remove battery)

Mate 20/Mate RS/Mate30/M30S/Note8/P40


Models with the back cover

Take Note 7 for an example

1. Opening the cover, you can find a corner that is with concave, open the cover from there.

2. Take out the battery.

3. Slide in the sim cards, SD card if you have. Normally there signs on the phone, you will the direction of every card.

***From February 2021, XGODY’s battery technology has made a major breakthrough, with better quality and longer life. 


Models without the back cover

Take Mate 30 for an example

1. Find out the card slot pin in the package

2. Find out the card slot and hole on the left side

3.Insert the pin into the hole and push lightly

4. The card slot will come out

5. Take out the slot and place the SIM card or SD card(do it in the right direction, otherwise, cards will not be recognized)

6. Insert the card slot and gently push it inside.


Isn’t it simple? Go ahead and try it.

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An unable to get SIM sent to me to be recognized. Have inserted according to directions, but not recognized. Card doesn’t seem to fit properly!



I don’t have any sim cards, and you need 3 sim cards for this phone, and my phone didn’t come with the pin

Ogunbuyide Ezekiel Tolu

Ogunbuyide Ezekiel Tolu

I don’t know where to place the second sim on mate X model of XGODY.



The goes off and on continously making me to miss calls and very vital information

Loris Scoble

Loris Scoble

I did not receive a littltle pin to open the phone when purchassing the phone

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