Update offline Sat Nav map, suitable for other truck car navigators such as XGODY


2023 Map Updates Guide | Truck & Car SAT Nav | XGODY GPS Esay Update

USA/EU/AU/UK Offline Map Update  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bz_yfE-9GHg


Q: How can I update map for free? how long can you support update?

A: We support lifelong update of the map, and the map database is updated twice a year.
If you need to update the map, you can join our Facebook navigation GPS group, and you can get relevant information notification at the first time. You can also contact us and we will send you the latest map.

** When updating the map, delete the duplicate folders first, and replace the folders with new files; do not copy and paste directly into the navigation. Delete duplicate folders first.

The better way: You follow our Facebook group to get the new maps link, XGODY-Navigation: @XGODYcarstereo

 (https://www.facebook.com/groups/xgodynavigation) & (https://www.facebook.com/Xgodyofficial


Download Update Sat Nav Map For Free & New In xgody.com



# There are many like-minded drivers in the XGODY Facebook navigation GPS group, and there will also be free gifts. Joining in can bring many unexpected surprises. 


  1. Download the new maps. Then create two folders on your pc. Old GPS and New GPS.
  2. Go into settings on the main XGody screen and select Mass Storage.
  3. Plug the XGody GPS into the PC via a USB.
  4. Open the Old GPS folder on the PC. Copy everything on the XGody GPS into it. You now have a backup.
  5. Delete everything on the XGody, care, not the PC.
  6. Right click on the XGody GPS directory. Select Show Hidden Files. Delete the file named Trash (this consumes most of the GPS drive, if you don't delete it you won't have room for the new files).
  7. Go to the downloaded .rar file on the PC.
  8. Extract the contents into the folder named New GPS on the PC.
  9. Open each folder in the extracted files, and delete everything that is not relevant to your country. Read the filenames carefully. UK users need to keep the Western Europe files, as well as the UK ones. Keep the ENG voice files, speed cameras etc. Same with Buildings, Voice etc. You can delete all of the vehicle types except the one that you want.
  10. The entire data set for all that you need is now a fraction of the full global data set that you downloaded.
  11. Now highlight all of the New GPS folders and files on the PC and move them to the GPS drive. It's still a lot of files and will take a while.
  12. When complete, switch off the XGody GPS, and back on again.
  13. Go into settings and USB, select the Sync option.
  14. Next go to the main menu, and select the icon top right, tap the box on the right and a Resident flash icon will appear. Double tap it. Keep going until you reach Navi.exe, and tap to confirm. This stage tells the system where to find the file it runs to install all of the files for the GPS. Close the screen.
  15. You will now need to go through all of the menu options on the GPS and reset your preferences.
  16. You have now installed the new maps, and a much slimmed down version of the system. You will have to enter your favourites again, and your history will be gone.