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Is XGODY A70S phone a good choice for me? 0

The XGODY A70s is a big phone and beautiful in terms of design and build. 2020 is the year for big phones, many phones that come out this year, has at least 6.5 inch size. We can perhaps even appreciate the advantage size brings to video watching and gaming. And, of course, the bigger size lets the phone adds bigger battery capacity.


XGODY A70S comes with 5 beautiful colors, Black, blue, and 3 gradient colors, gradient blue, gradient purple, gradient red. The phone retains glass finish, but it’s actually made of plastic – which is absolutely fine by me, since this is a low budget phone, the plastic material is to reduce the building cost, but you will not notice the difference by just watching it unless you hold it in hand. And the size is 7.2inch as I mentioned above, which will makes the phone a little bit bulky. Still the phone is using water-dropped screen design. The headphone jack is on top of the phone, and charging jack is on the bottom, which is convenient.Dual cameras,front and rear cameras are both of 5mp.

xgody a70s phone

The XGODY A70s is powered by MTK6580 chipset. This supports the phone can use 3g network with dual sim,1 x Nano SIM card ,1 x Micro SD card. The phone has 1g of RAM, 4g of internal storage. The storage can be expand with SD card, support up to 64g SD card. The SD card is a must since the internal storage is so small.

xgody a70s phone


Battery capacity is 3000mAh and Detachable, battery is a bit more than XGODY’S old phones like mate 30,k20. For 1 day use this battery is enough.

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XGODY K30 3G phone,6.8 inch screen 0

We have come out with a new phone XGODY K30. Let’s introduce you K30. People love big phones these days, you will find they are popular in the market. So K30 is designed as a big phone with a 6.8inch size. XGPDY K30 has 3 colors, black, green, purple.

xgody K30 phone

The XGODY K30 has a big screen that is so amazing for watching TV. There are volume and power buttons on the left side. At the bottom, it has a Type-C USB port.xgody k30 phone

On up left corner there is the front camera, on the back you will see it seems has 4 cameras, but only one working, the 3 others are just for decorative design. Both the front and rear cameras are 5mp.

xgody k30 phone

 The XGODY K30 has a 3000mAh Capacity of battery, which should help you get the day through even watch a movie in the middle of the day. It comes with 1G RAM and 8G ROM, which is a small RAM and ROM. So the multiple tasks will not be this phone’s strength. We can not expand the RAM, but if you want to download some videos to K30 phone, the storage expanding is a must. This phone can add upmost the 64G SD card to it. So, no need to worry about the storage space!

xgody k30 phone

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XGODY X30 3g unlocked phone,is it your best choice? 0

If you’re in the market for a budget smartphone that costs under $100, the X30 3g unlocked phone should be at the top of your list. The most impressive thing about them is that they offer a big screen of 6.53 inches. Dimensions: 163.8*76.8*9.2mm (6.4 x 3.0 x 0.36inch), Weight: 213 g / 7.03 oz (  with Battery ).

It comes with 3 colors, black, blue, green, X patterns on the back cover, looks beautiful under the light, though it is plastic. X30 packs the MTK6580 chipset under the hood along with 2GB of RAM,16GB of ROM, And a micro SD card slot to let you expand the storage put a 64GB SD card is a piece of cake.

XGODY X30 also features a headphone jack, which is convenient for those people who still love to use wired headphones. There’s no wireless charging, only micro USB charging jack to charge. The battery is removable and has a capacity of 3000mAh and should get you through the day. 

This phone has dual cameras, front and rear, both of them are 5MP. Taking a picture is not this phone’s strength, this 5MP can just meet the entry-level use. The network supports WCDMA, GSM, GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz, WCDMA 850 / 1900 / 2100MHz.

The price for X30 starts from $77.9, you can choose if buy bundled with SD card.

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A90 pro unboxing 0

The A90 Pro comes with a normal-sized box that contains a lot. It comes with a tempered film protector and a transparent silicone case for extra protection.There are 3 colors for A90 pro,black,gradient purple,gradient blue,Which looks beautiful.On the back,you will see 4 cameras,actually,only 1 work,others are for decoration.The rear camera and front camera are both 2MP,it is a bit weak.But if you do not like to take pictures,it is not a big deal.The A90 Pro features a 6.52"HD screen with 540×1200 resolution.The A90 pro is big in hand.It is great watching videos on this phone.

The A90 Pro is powered by a 2750 mAh battery.The phone has 2g of ram,16g of rom,can insert SD card to expand the storage space.On xgody website,you can choose bundled with 16g,32g,64g SD card.Since the RAM is 2gb,which means that multi-tasks is not this phone’s strenth,2-3 apps running at the same time will be the limit.So if you do stop using any app,remember to exit first rather than transfer to another app directly.Luckily,the screen is responsive,as long as you do not run so many apps at the same time.

Now you can buy the phone on ebay,or on our website,price starts from $84.9.

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