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Father's day gift guide 0

Father’day is coming, have you chosen father’s day gifts?

Phones, headphones? Let’s find out what is bet choice for father’s day.


I assumed your father is over 50 years old, perhaps he is farsighted. So a big phone for him is a good choice. We have some big phones that is 6.3 inch or 7.2 inch. For that size screen. I will introduce you the XGODY mate 30 and our latest phone NOTE10.

Mate 30 is 6.3 inch and with 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM. Dual cameras, front camera is 5MP,rea cam is 8 MP, which is enough for daily use.

NOTE10 is standing out by its 7.2 inch big screen. It became hot sale since last month. It does not have much RAM and ROM like most of XGODY phones,2G of RAM,16G of ROM.Both rear and front cameras are 5MP.







There are so many choices for headphones. If your father likes working out. He may need the headphones that is sweat-proof. Now we have a H02 TWS Waterproof IPX7 headphones is having big discount,only 21.99 now,only half of the original price.That is good choice,considering it is IPX7 water-proof Bluetooth wireless headphones and comes with a fancy charging case.

Other headphones I will recommend TWS07 wireless headphones, it is cute and small, lightweight.It is like H02 got the digital indicator showing how much power left.




That is my advice for father’s day,If you want to view more choices,visit here:

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XGODY budget phones under $100 0

If you are at the market looking for the budget phones under $100,you had better read this article.

That is for sure we always want to make the most use of the money, spend less as possible and get more.

So here we will introduce you some XGODY budget phones under $100.

Big screen phone

Big screen phone, we will present you XGODY note 10,this model has 7.2 inch screen. Watch out, if you have small hands this phone will not be a comfortable size for you to use.

Apart from the 7.2 inch big screen,this phone is 2GB of ram and 16GB of ROM.This specifications are basic and not so impressed,wwhich means multi-tasks are not suggestioned,otherwise it is  easy to froze.If you are chasing for big screen and no has little needs of multiple tasks,this XGODY NOTE 10 phone is your ideal choice.

xgody note 10 phone


Phones with bigger of RAM and ROM

If you are familiar with XGODY phones, you will know that most of XGODY phones have limited RAM like 1GB or 2GB,and ROM are mostly 16GB.The only 2 phones with 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM are MATE 30 and M30S.These 2 phones are similar, both of them have 5mp front camera,8mp rear camera. The size of the 2 phones are 6.26,waterdrop design. They both have type-c charging jack, which is faster than regular USB charging jack. These 2 phones are balanced in every specs.If you need bigger RAM and ROM, these 2 phones are good choices.


xgody phones mate 30xgody phones M30S

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How to open XGODY phone cover and insert cards? 0

Half of the XGODY phones are having removable batteries, which means the phone cover can be open, and you need to open the XGODY phone cover before you insert cards in. Here is the guide telling you how to open XGODY phone cover and insert cards.

First, let’s list some models that are popular and comes with a phone cover.

K20/note7/note10/A90/K20 pro/,etc.

Built-in battery(can not open the cover and remove battery)

Mate 20/Mate RS/Mate30/M30S/Note8


Models with the back cover

Take Mate 30 for an example

1. Opening the cover, you can find a corner that is with concave, open the cover from there.

2. Take out the battery.

3. Slide in the sim cards, SD card if you have. Normally there signs on the phone, you will the direction of every card.

NOTE 7 how to open xgody phone cover

Models without the back cover

Take Mate 30 for an example

1. Find out the card slot pin in the package

2. Find out the card slot and hole on the left side

3.Insert the pin into the hole and push lightly

4. The card slot will come out

5. Take out the slot and place the SIM card or SD card(do it in the right direction, otherwise, cards will not be recognized)

6. Insert the card slot and gently push it inside.

How to open xgody back cover and insert the card


Isn’t it simple? Go ahead and try it.

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Why XGODY T702 is the best gift for kids? 0

There are lots to consider if you want to purchase a tablet for your child. Then you won’t find a better deal than the XGODY T702 tablet. That’s safe and fun for young kids. XGODY T702 has the parental controls, which is excellent, allowing you to control exactly how much screen time your kids can have, as well as what they can and can’t access.

Best android tablet for kids

From the outlook, you will see the tablet is protected by a colorful case, which is solid protecting the tablet being dropped often by the kids. The protecting case has 3 styles, this one with 2 big feet and ears is the most popular one.

Best android tablet for kids

XGODY kids’ tablet has a 7inch screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. It has 1gb of ram,16 GB of ROM. The ROM can be expanded by an SD card of up to 32gb. Battery life is about 3-4hours long. Which is enough for one day use. You had better not run too many apps at the same time, because of its 1 GB ram, otherwise, it would be laggy.


Generally speaking, T702 is a cost-effective tablet for your kids.

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