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How to clean the dirtest thing that you touch everyday? 0

Mobile phones have become a necessity for people. When we use mobile phones, the screen of the mobile phone will become dirty easily. It may be the dirtiest thing you touch every day. So how to clean the screen of the mobile phone? Let's learn about it.


Before Cleaning, it is best to turn off the phone, if the battery is removable, it is best to remove the battery.

How to clean the screen of mobile phone correctly

  1. Do not touch the screen when your finger is wet. It is best not to operate the touch screen of the mobile phone when eating. After washing your hands, wait for your hands to dry before touching the touch screen of your phone.
  2. Do not wipe the touch screen of the mobile phone with paper towels, because some types of paper towels may cause screen scratches. Do not use your dry hands to directly scratch the stains on the screen.
  3. Use a clean and dry microfiber cloth to wipe the dust on the device including the screen. The microfiber cloth can be replaced with soft cotton or polyester fiber cloth.


  1. You can dip the microfiber cloth into some distilled water, but do not completely soak it. Or you can buy a special touch screen cleaner, or you can use your mouth to blow hot air on the screen instead.
  2. Do not apply any pressure, and gently wipe the screen of the phone with a damp cloth.
  3. Use a dry cloth to gently wipe the screen surface in a rotating motion.

Get it now?

Clean your phone today!

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Do you know that you are actually an acrobat? 0

We can’t live without a mobile phone every day: watching videos while eating, playing games in the bus, replying to messages while walking ... Which causes a sore neck.

There is 2 pictures that show vividly what we look like when playing phones.

Do you know Head down playing mobile phone hurts your neck more than you think?

When a person does not look down, the neck only needs to bear the pressure of the head (about 4 to 5 kg), which is very easy.

But when a person lowers his head, he will instantly transform into an acrobat, and his neck is almost pressured. Just lowering your head to 45 degrees will put 22 kg of pressure on your neck.

It ’s no wonder that your neck is sore ...

How should I relieve my neck soreness?

  1. Keep your body upright and turn it up, down, left, and right


Instead of turning your neck, stretch your muscles in each direction for 5 seconds and repeat 3 times.

  1. Put one hand under the buttocks to press or hold the stool, and slowly shake the head with the other hand


Don't use too much force, you can feel the muscles on the left and right neck stretch;

Hold the action for 5 seconds, do 3 groups at a time, and continue by changing sides.

Is it simple? However, the most important thing is to master the correct posture of playing mobile phones, that is Keep your head upright.

Do n’t wait until your neck is sore before you regret it ~

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Thanks to our colleagues for their hard work 0

We all suffered from the COVID-19 these days. Until now we are still wearing masks when going out and working at the office.

However, there are some people we would like to thank. Before we go back to work, there are 2 big challenges facing us.

At the beginning of the resuming of work, We are short of hands. The first group of our colleagues has to work in the shift to make sure the orders can be delivered on time to your guys. And another challenge is that our production had been delayed by the virus, which means some orders will can not fulfill. Though hard it is, our product colleagues do their best to make sure they can get the stock in as possible as they can. If it is not for them, we cannot guarantee that your order will be delivered on time. However, there are still some orders being canceled. We would say sorry again to whom the orders had been canceled and thanks to our colleagues for their hard work. They are ordinary people while they are great for their contributions.

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X96Q:a new TVBOX powered by the new low-cost Allwinner H313 SoC 0

X96Q is a black and small-sized box. It looks fancy.

One of the most notable features for this box, in addition, to supporting for 4K video and low price, is powered by the new low-cost Allwinner H313 SoC and Android 10 system. The new low-cost Allwinner H313 SoC.

X96Q android 10 TVbox

The new lowcost Allwinner H313 SoC increases the maximum decoding rate by 30%, which means the video streaming is faster. The X96Q is available in 2 configurations,1GB RAM and 8GB RAM&2G RAM and 16GB RAM. The 1/8 one is 23.9, the 2/16 one is 26.9 on our website.

X96Q android 10 TVbox

It is no need to say,X96Q supports 4K videos.Easy to set up,watching your favorite videos,downloading apps you want are so easy.


 X96Q android 10 tvbox

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How to track my order? 1

We have been asked a few times every week how to track my order?

Actually it is easy to know where your package is.Here is the simple guide tells you how to do it.

Step1: Click tracking order

Step2: enter your Email address that is used for order and order number begin with XGD, like XGD1010,or if you know the tracking number,enter the tracking number.For example, enter this  tracking number,we will see it is in transit now.



Isn't it simple? Track your order right now.

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Why choose XGODY note 7? 0

We are going to introduce you XGODY note 7 by its Design and hand feeling, Performance and battery life.

The XGODY note 7 is a good-looking phone with 6.26 Inch and 19:9 Water-drop Screen. It is coming out with different back covers of the X pattern and S pattern. The X pattern has 3 colors, which are Blue, green, yellow. The S pattern also has 3 colors, which are white, blue, purple. Though the back cover is made by plastic, the phone is shining beautifully under the bright light, such an eye-catchy design. It is of weight for a total of 390g. It feels slick in hand, the size is just right for the hands, feels quite secure even in single-handed operations.

The XGODY note 7 UI is friendly to use. You can find easily what you want. Pre-install Google play store, you can download Facebook, Instagram.



XGODY moblie XGODY NOTE 7 UI 3G phone

XGODY note 7 is a 3g phone with 2GB RAM, no pressure playing light games like Jewel Crush Legend, fruit Ninja, run Forrest run(which can be download from Google play store)The ROM is 16GB if you are those kinds of people who only use basic apps and do not download videos in your phone,16GB is enough for you. However, for those who like to play some little games and download videos to the phone, he/she needs a TF card to expand the storage. XGODY note 7 supports up to 64 GB of external storage.

XGODY moblie XGODY NOTE 7 3G phone

The Battery is detachable and has 2800 mAh capacity. In our test, it lasts up to 96h 10 min for standby time,12h 5min for calling,6h 5min for video watching,6h 10 min for gaming,4h 15min for Navigation,18h 20 min for music playing.


For daily use XGODY NOTE 7 certainly meets your needs if you have a limited budget. It all depends on what you value the most.

For more details of XGODY note 7:

If you have any questions, leave us a comment, please.




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A Letter to Xgody Customers 0

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Recommendation of XGody Earphones 0

If you are looking for the best budget TWS earphones. You are definitely come to the right place. In this article, I will make a detailed introduction to different price bands of XGody earphones. Let me be your guide, to choose a perfect earphone for yourself!

December is coming, are you ready? 1

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us, but that’s not mean the great discount is long gone. Although November is one of the best months to have discount shopping, but don’t forget, December is also a good opportunity to get your family excellent gifts, also, with big savings.


XGody, we prepare a bunch of new products for your December’s gifts. Smartphones for your parents, over-ear headphones for children, TV Box for whole family use. Aren’t they sound perfect gifts for Christmas?

So many new arrivals products for your December shopping, are you worried about your wallet? XGody also consider that for you already. A special discount is ready for Christmas, please looking forward.

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Cutest earbuds.You won’t want to miss. 0

These 2 months we come out 2 nice-looking earbuds, TWS 9S earbuds, and T2 earbuds. Their cute and compact design attracts many people who have good taste. There were more than 500 pieces sold for these 2 models last month.

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The most popular shopping festival is Nov.11 Singles’ day? 0

It is known that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are 2 of the biggest shopping days in the US.

Many of you must have prepared to pay an arm and a leg for these 2 shopping festivals.

But do you know which day is the biggest shopping day in the world?

Stupid! It must be Black Friday!

Sorry, you are wrong.

It is 11.11 Singles’ Day. In the beginning, it was a Day for single people who look for a boy or girlfriend. So in order to have a girl or boyfriend, people mostly will have a date or party to make new friends on that day.

By and by, Nov. 11 becomes a shopping Day.


Singles: Since we don’t have a girl or boy to love. Why don't we care about ourselves more?


Buy ourselves everything we want.

This is how the Singles’ day comes from.

11.11 Singles’ Day becomes more and more popular in the World. In Germany, eBay was also having a product show and discount for this shopping day. They choose some excellent products to display, XGODY is very honored to be chosen.

eBay Single' day sale

Ebay Singles'day show

Ebay Singles'day show

It is not surprising that 11.11 Singles’Day became the biggest shopping day with its influence and GMV reached 268.4 billion within 24hours on that day.

Singles'day gmv




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